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Living alone with mnd

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    Hi panniertank

    I’m sorry for the delay in us responding to you. It looks as though you’ve been receiving some excellent advice from the other forum users.

    Speaking to your health and social care professionals is a really good suggestion. They can help to guide and support you with decision making. It is perfectly normal to feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the decisions that you are faced with.

    Care provided by Social Services is means-tested and they would carry out an assessment for you to let you know if they are able to provide care, how much care they would provide and how much this would cost. You can contact the Adult Social Services Team at your local council to ask for this.

    We produce an information sheet on social care which might be useful and can be found here

    As Ellie mentioned, the local hospice can be a really good source of support. People’s perceptions of what a hospice is can often be misleading. A hospice is all about symptom management and living with a life-limiting condition. You can often access physiotherapy and occupational therapy through the hospice as well as complementary therapies, counselling and emotional support. It’s certainly worth being referred to the local hospice.

    We produce an information sheet which explains a bit more about the role of the hospice and it can be found here

    Please do know that the MND Association is here to support you as well. MND Connect is the helpline for the MND Association and you can contact us for anything. Whether you have a question or concern, or if you just need someone to talk to. We are available either via private message on the forum, via email at [email protected] or on freephone 0808 802 6262 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm and 7pm-10:30pm. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there is anything that we can do to help.

    Best Wishes
    MND Connect
    Contact us on 0808 802 6262 or at [email protected]


      Thank you Rachel. My next MND clinic appointment is next week so I will make a list of questions to ask them based on your's and everyone else's advice in conjunction with my own thoughts / concerns.