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Living alone with mnd

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  • johnburton
    I too faced a big decision after my diagnosis as to whether to convert my house or move to a flat in a care home. I too live alone, but do have a nearby partner. After a great deal of thought and talking with NHS staff, I decided to convert my home. I've not regretted that decision since. It was expensive though, costing several tens of £K. The decision was one of the hardest I've faced, being finely balanced.

    I don't think there's a standard answer, as it depends on personal circumstances.

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  • panniertank
    started a topic Living alone with mnd

    Living alone with mnd

    Hello. Can you give me any advice about living alone with MND. I am single with no partner and my family will be unable to provide practical support. I will soon be seeing a surveyor to assess if my home can be converted to be wheelchair accessible. But then I have concerns about how much care could be provided by social services etc. People and my family have been mentioning considering sheltered accomadation, extra care homes etc. But I don't know if these would be suitable and what the financial implications are etc. I am devastated by my diagnosis and struggling to come to terms with it. So I am finding it hard to come to terms with all of these other massive decisions to make, especially as I am so alone and isolated.