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Banking my voice?

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    Banking my voice?

    What equipment do I need and how do I go about it? All the best for now Steve

    Hi Steve. You will need a laptop and good quality head microphone. If you contact the connect team they can provide you with the right equipment and talk you through the process. If you have any difficulty please comeback to me.


      Stevedp this is one option

      Created for people living with motor neurone disease and their loved ones.

      Started limping 2017, diagnosed August 2021. Wheelchair user and reduced shoulder and hand function. Trying to be positive 😺.


        Our speech and language therapist provided a headset and we used my laptop to sign in to acapela. MNDA funded the licence fee.

        ACT (Assisting Communication and Technology) NHS organisation provided the Gridpad computer and the various input methods that we have used. Initially a normal mouse, then a different type of mouse like an old Atari game controller, then a head mouse and now eyegaze.

        All funded by NHS. You shouldn't have to fund yourself.
        Carer for husband diagnosed with ALS April 2021. Hand onset. PEG fed, completely immobile, communicated with eye gaze

        Sense of humour intact throughout.

        Sadly passed away peacefully 2/9/22


          Hello Steve

          I would suggest you contact the Speech and Language Therapist if you have one, as they should be able to help you with this.

          If you don't have Speech and Language Therapist, please contact MND about this process on 0808 802 6262 or by email [email protected]

          You will need a laptop/PC and headset microphone to voice bank and we can loan equipment for voice banking if the speech therapist is unable to supply these for you.

          To record your voice is usually free and payment for the voice is required once the voice is ready to be downloaded, you can apply for funding from the MND Association at this point.

          More information on Voicebanking that you might find useful can be found on our website at

          MND Connect
          Contact us on 0808 802 6262 or at [email protected]