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    Adult buggies

    Hi all the council here in West Yorkshire have condemned my house for me living in saying it is unadaptable. They are pressuring me to take a bungalow nearby but I estimate costs of £5000 to carpet & set up & overall rent & costs of £800 monthly as I am not entitled to any help. I simply cannot afford this.

    my partner is a bus driver & last week I was on her bus & a male passenger with a carer was on in in an adult sized buggy a Delichon delta XL just like a toddlers pushchair but large. I’m thinking such a thing (£2,714 cost) might enable me to live a home as it may possibly negotiate outside steps

    has anyone any experience of these adult buggies?
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    I cant comment on the buggy but I cant help but think it might not be suitable for very long.

    Carpets could make it difficult to use wheelchairs and walkers.

    You've also got to think about your bathroom and how suitable that will be.

    Sorry to sound negative but our flat is also a problem. Its really difficult to decide what to do for best.

    when i can think of something profound i will update this.


      Presumably you don't qualify for social housing, Sean?

      Originally posted by Sean0271 View Post
      ... Delichon delta XL just like a toddlers pushchair but large. I’m thinking such a thing (£2,714 cost) might enable me to live a home as it may possibly negotiate outside steps
      Ooh, I'd do serious research on that buggy before spending that much money.

      I can see some drawbacks but you won't really know until you try it out.

      As for negotiating steps: I would imagine that trying to push a fully grown adult up and down steps is physically very demanding, plus it has an anti-tip bar which can really hamper the progress.

      I'd have concerns about getting in and out of the seat if you had mobility or balance issues. The seat length and depth don't seem to be adjustable, nor does the position of the footrest. xx
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        We live in a house; the council here has a non means tested fast track grant system that we were able to access to pay for a wet room and stair lift. Might be worth checking if there is a similar system in your area. The OT organised a ramp for us for access into the house. Also, the wheelchair service should supply you with a wheelchair for free. MND is an expensive business but it’s worth checking out what’s available in your area with the OT and specialist nurses.


          Hello Sean0271

          We would suggest contacting your Occupational Therapist (OT) to discuss the overall suitability and safety of you using a product like this one.

          Have you thought about seeing if you are able to get any other financial assistance, in case you have to move to another property.

          You might want to contact the organisation Turn 2 Us, to see if they can do a grant check for you or calling 0808 802 2000

          You might also want to apply for grants from the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association and our Quality of Life Grant could help towards something you need to set up in a new home, more information on our grants can be found at

          We have the MND Benefits Advice Service and they can check to see if you are receiving all the benefits that you are entitled to claim, they can be contacted through or by calling 0808 801 0620

          Kindest Regards
          MND Connect Team

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            Sean0271 in addition to the comments already made regarding the buggy.

            I would have concerns about pressure relief as it doesn't look like a cushion would fit in the buggy and if the seat position is not adjustable, the pressure on your back and bottom will constantly be in the same place, potentially leading to tissue damage.
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