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    Hi Hayls;

    There's nothing like a good Howl in a public place. Been there, do it and got the tee shirt.

    Great they carried out the plan and then it only takes a little while to be normallish again.

    Love Terry
    TB once said that "The forum is still the best source for friendship and information."

    It will only remain so if new people post and keep us updated on things that work or don't work and tips.

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      The big day came and went, I blubbered the moment I started walking down the isle and saw everyone’s faces, I managed to not howl and lots of hankies were offered, the registrar was extremely understanding as my vows where not the best spoken due to crying but WE DID IT thanks again for everyone’s support and advice, you where all so right
      I’ve been quite poorly the last week and unable to take my Sertraline, within 3 days I was crying uncontrollably at adverts and laughing at anything and everything, yikes, I forgot what a difference sertraline has made in my life, a few of you mentioned that EL is usually only temporary but it’s at least 10 months in and it’s shocked me just how much it’s still with me, it’s a blinking nuisance


        Hi Hayls

        Congratulations! I'm so glad that you had a good day.

        Even without emotional lability, not taking Sertraline for a few days would often cause emotional symptoms. The not taking the Sertraline may have exacerbated the emotional lability symptoms for those few days.

        I do hope that you are feeling better.

        Best Wishes

        MND Connect Adviser
        MND Connect
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          Congrats to you both, Hayls

          Hopefully you can restart the sertraline very soon, if you haven't done so by now, and get back to some sort of 'normal' emotions - it may take a while to kick in once restarted, so don't get too despondent.

          Emotional lability in MND doesn't usually go away because the neurological damage which causes it doesn't get better, but it can be controlled to some degree with medication.

          Wishing you both well in your married life.

          Take care.

          Love Ellie.
          ​Diagnosed 03/2007. Sporadic Definite ALS/MND Spinal (hand) Onset.
          Eye gaze user - No functional limbs - No speech - Feeding tube - Overnight NIV.


            Congratulations, so pleased you had a lovely day x


              Congratulations Hayls, so pleased your day went well.
              I tried sertraline, but had trouble swallowing it, I went to the doctors yesterday and she gave me amitriptyline in oral solution. So I will try that.
              Ellie I didn't know it dosent go away, oh well another problem.

              Try and have a good weekend everyone
              Sheila x


                Thanks Rachel, Ellie, Shrew and Sheila, thank you all, you all make me see sense, having been a carer for 20+ years I’ve seen my fair share of side effects of coming off antidepressants and or introducing new ones and how it can affect people differently, sometimes very scary but thank you for making me see that this is now part of me, I think I just wanted a moan but I know how lucky I am to have an amazing supportive family and to be part of a community full of support and strength, my swallowing is getting worse quite quickly and still waiting for my PEG but thank you Sheila for the tip about alternative medication, hope you adapt to it without too much discomfort, fingers crossed


                  Hi Hayls
                  I know I didn't know I could get a antidepressant in liquid form. I also take riluzole in liquid form, which helps me with my swallow problem.

                  Sheila x


                    Congratulations Hayls

                    I started to cry just reading your post so my EL has lasted for around nine years. Try not to worry about it, if you get through your wedding, you can do anything.

                    Hope you are feeling better.

                    Love Terry
                    TB once said that "The forum is still the best source for friendship and information."

                    It will only remain so if new people post and keep us updated on things that work or don't work and tips.

                    Please post on old threads that are of use so that others see them and feel free to start new subjects and threads.


                      Congratulations, Hayls!

                      Trying to keep positive, but not always managing.


                        Good afternoon Hayls

                        Belated congratulations from me too.

                        I was talking to my supervisor one morning last week for our quarterly session and was trying to untangle the emotion that arises from knowing I have a death sentence and any changes that may be occurring as a result of that disease that causes more emotional lability.

                        After a short part of the session, we decided that such speculation was fruitless as it was can be quite difficult to work out what was what.

                        And my supervisor said that I was showing no less ups and downs than I did when I started seeing him, ten years ago, after my previous supervisor retired.

                        So I guess my conclusion is the best thing for me is to have a good person, or indeed people to talk to when I need to.

                        I hope you have this?


                        ​Diagnosed 03/2015. One sided limb onset (arm) sporadic PMA/MND - now 50% left arm and 90% right arm, plus other bits including left shoulder– Campaign contact Winchester and Southampton branch, and trustee of the Association

                        "Things turn out the best for people who make the best of the way things turn out"


                          Hello Andy,

                          I am very lucky to have people both personally and professionally who are incredible supportive and as my speech was the first to be affected I’m sure the majority of my EL is pure frustration and feeling overwhelmed. I’m definitely not depressed but I’m starting to think my emotions are in use every second of everyday trying to keep going and the moment I see or here anything extra it’s like my emotional cup is overflowing lol, thank you for your comment, it’s helped me try to understand that everything is not a no hope, EL is part of me and I’ll try my best to reign it in and if I can’t, oh well lol all the best, glad you got someone you trust too


                            Hi Hayls,

                            Many congratulations to you and your husband.

                            I hope you are having an enjoyable weekend (despite the rather damp Autumn weather!). Hopefully the medication to treat EL will work quickly and you will be feeding much better very soon.

                            Love and best wishes to you and your husband,
                            Kayleigh x

                            P.S .......
                            - Two antennas met on a roof, fell in love and got married.
                            The ceremony wasn't very good - but the Reception was excellent! LOL
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                              Many Congratulations to you and your husband Haylis,

                              I really hope you had Huey Lewis and the News !

                              Love Debbie x


                                Congratulations Hayls and new hubby. I'm sorry that you haven't been well. Good luck for a quick recovery and back to Sertraline. Love from another scouser, Lynne x
                                ALS diagnosed November 2017, limb onset. For the 4 yrs previously I was losing my ballance.
                                I'm staying positive and taking each day as it comes.