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    Eye muscles

    Hi all,

    Let me just start by saying I’m not looking for medical advice, I have already seen a neurologist twice in the last almost 18 months and have had 2 clean clinicals (no testing).

    I have had a constant twitch at the side of my left eye since august (not the eye lid, almost between the eye and temple). It has been none stop every day. For the last couple of weeks it has all but stopped, maybe 1-2 per day but not noticeable. I was happy as I thought the hotspot had finally come to an end, however the last 3-4 nights, I’ve noticed when I wake up, I struggle to open my left eye fully, it takes 3/4 seconds of me rubbing it/stretching it and I can tell it’s only half open. I’m now concerned that, as the twitches have stopped, does this mean weakness has set in and this muscle is now clinically weak.

    I’m aware twitches alone mean nothing and I’ve had random body wide for the last 3 years. No weakness or any other symptom. This has me a little concerned though.

    Im waiting on a private neuro appointment, just keen on thoughts.

    Sibbo84 Hi. Just to give an example to show that your symptoms could be anything from a long list... my aunt had a constant twitch above her eye and in forehead and down part of her face, turned out it was an inflamed blood vessel that was pushing pressure on the facial nerves which then caused the twitching. I hope that you can get to remedy this soon and wont have the worry anymore.
    Diagnosed June 2022. Confirmed MND. Limb onset. Symptoms started November 2020.


      Thank you so much for replying!
      I had an MRI for headaches/the twitching a few months back which didn’t show anything however, and this is really strange, for as long as I can remember, there’s a small patch on the side of my head, the same side, and if I touch it I get a little
      tickle behind my eye. So I’m going to ask the neuro if it could be nerve related