Good evening all

I wrote a poem recently for my wife, and main carer, in an attempt to express how much i appreciate and love her for all that she does. She has encouraged me to share it with other carers, so please find it below. I hope you enjoy it.

The gift of now

When i struggle to stand
you uplift me,
when i stumble
you steady me,
when i cry with frustration
you cwtch me close.

When i can't speak
you understand me,
when i mourn last times
you create new memories,
when i surrender to my weakness
you share your unwavering strength.

when i despair
you remind me of hope,
when i stamp with anger
you stamp back, harder!
when i close in on myself
you open your boundless heart to me.

When i grieve inconsolaby for a future unshared,
a life unlived,
a love unfulfilled
You remind me of the precious gift of now