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    Yes it will 'charge' him up for the next day.


      Hi Steve can you tell me if the bipap machine is a ventilator, I have been given a ventilator to try at home along with nebulizer and cough assist machine, the ventilator is something I have to build up to about 2 hours before nurse says I can use it during night. I am trying but feel as though I am suffocating and want to remove it as though the force of air is too much. Am I talking about the same machine as the bipap ? Help !!! X JAN Q.


        Thanks for all the advice from you all, I spoke to my dad last night about it and he seemed to take it well 😊.. Katrina x


          It sounds the same, I have heard it called a vent. Can they reduce the pressure?

          The other option is a ramp so the pressure builds gradually over 15 minutes or so to help get used to it.

          Make sure the mask is snug or it will blow to compensate for leaks.


            Hi Steve thanks for reply, yes I think they can alter pressure as the nurse set it at the hospital before I left ,but she is coming to visit me after I have used it for while but think I will speak to her soon as I don't feel comfortable with it at all. I am having ten to fifteen minutes on it and then just want to take it off so how on earth I would manage to have it on all night I really don't know. X JAN Q.


              It took my husband a long time to accept & get used to his machine but now finds it invaluable. The secret was to keep trying it for short periods which you gradually extend, in his case during the day at first. Definitely makes life possible!


                Hi Ros, and welcome to the forum;

                Yes that's a very good point, very few people can get on with them straight away. It takes time to build up their acceptance and sometimes masks have to be changed or additions made to stop the nose getting sores.

                Best wishes, Terry
                TB once said that "The forum is still the best source for friendship and information."

                It will only remain so if new people post and keep us updated on things that work or don't work and tips.

                Please post on old threads that are of use so that others see them and feel free to start new subjects and threads.


                  Coincidentally Ros and Terry my respiratory guy visited today. I stopped using bipap a month or two ago because phlegm build up made me remove it when in bed. He told me to try using it in the day, which I did before and seems to be OK but dries my mouth up. Doctor came today and prescribed some new stuff, so trial time again. Dude xx


                    Hi all,

                    The doctor told my dad today that the mask can cause blisters/sores on the face. Is this true? Reading terry's post above then it can cause sores?

                    Also he's been in hospital for 4 nights now while they tesr different ones. Is this normal?


                      A proper fitting mask shouldn't. I am surprised they said that.


                        I think Terry meant 'sore' singular. Little bit of Vaseline will stop any rubbing. He will be getting monitored as well as mask. All good. x


                          Hello all, There are 3 different types of machines (maybe more) c-pap, bi-pap and ventilator. The c-pap is used for sleep apnea and as far as I know is not used for MND. My husband has one. C-pap - name means continuous air pressure. It does NOT suck air out of your lungs. The bi-pap used for MND gently blows air into the lungs then stops blowing so the patient can exhale normally. It does NOT suck air out of the lungs. I've not had experience with the ventilator, so I won't comment.

                          The only problem I had was getting used to the mask but it was not really difficult and as it has been said - working up to it a short time every few hours helped me get used to it until I could use it all night.

                          I found it gave me more energy and my bi-pap and I soon became fast friends.

                          Hope this helps!!!

                          Love, Lynne


                            Hi Lynne,, all that is very interesting to know,, my
                            Dad is getting a bipap, can I ask how long it took you to het used to it before you could use it all night?, this might sound a silly question but can you breath in at the same time as its putting air in, how does it know how much to do?,, does that make sense... Katrina x


                              No, that's not a silly question. That is a very sensible question. It probably took me a week or two, maybe more to work up to using it all night.

                              Yes, you can breath when it is putting air in. It is very gentle and it learns your breathing rhythm and will allow you to breathe normally. It was not a scary thing. Besides you can turn it off and take off the mask anytime you want. The doctor who orders it sets the pressure and I believe it is usually set low. You can call the doctor at any time and ask to have it set higher or lower.

                              Having more oxygen will make your Dad feel better. Good luck. Any more questions, ask away!


                              I found I didn't have to set the straps tight, therefore avoiding having it feel tight


                                My dad got his nasal pillow on Friday and is refusing to use it because he hates it. What will this mean for him? :-(