This is simply a rant from a carer/P.A and of course in humourous form (taken from the TV show 'friends' I'll switch a swear word with 'puppy').

So moving out of our second floor flat is taking puppy ages. My partner has not been outside since March. We've signed up with all housing association registers in our home area months ago (which I'll be respectful and not name).

We got exciting news last week with the announcement of lots of new houses and flats being released to rent for October move in time. Puppy brilliant!

Only to find the 2 ground floor options are only open to 'general needs' and not 'wheelchair accessible' categories and so we were unable to puppy bid for it. What the pup?!

In this day and age I feel it's puppy rediculous that new build social housing is not automatically wheelchair accessible. I know various building contracts in Scotland state that ground floor accomodation must be adapted for wheelchair use and so puppy typical for our home town to not follow suit.

I have spent today emailing local councillors to express my disappointment on 1. The lack of housing in the area in general and 2. The lack of consideration for accessible property requirements.

The next area to mention is, with housing associations the terminally ill are in amongst various categories including homelessness, victims of abuse, unemployment etc on the waiting lists and so I stated in my email that I'm keen to know where the pup do the terminally ill fit in and how is this prioritised (no 'puppy' terminology was used in the email correspondence)

Oh the puppy frustrations of the past few days trying to navigate a puppy system! We'll wait to hear what councillors are so kind to respond come Monday. Next email with be to Sturgeon!

Rant over. Tired pup here.