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Moving to Care Home?

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    Moving to Care Home?

    Has anyone moved out of their family home into a care home?

    I'm hoping to find out how it went and what your experience was / is?

    I'm considering making the move myself but before I decide I'd like to hear from others that have done the same thing.

    Many thanks.

  • Some care homes are better than others and the typical care home does not cater for MND well. They may say so, however.

    It depends on your MND diagnosis. Are you likely to get dementia?

    Do you have support at home? Having said that, I have managed my own home care single handedly and I hope to deploy my app shortly that will automate my care.


      Hi Iain, it’s a big decision to make to move into a care home.Guess you feel even with carers coming in to you at home it just isn’t enough?Sometime if people need overnight care they decide home isn’t possible.However there are night carers available at a cost.
      Finances are a big issue to consider as if self undoing as have savings over £23;250 you would have to pay full fees unless for the few that meet The Continuing Care funding which provides free care.
      I don’t know how old you are but if over 55 you might find Age UK fact sheets on line explain in depth how residential care funding works.
      Also depends on whether you live alone and own a property.It’s really worth doing some research before making a decision on giving up your home.
      If you live in rented accommodation and Social Services are involved there is a personal assessment of your care needs and means testing.
      Don’t rush into anything without looking at other options unless you really want to move into full time care.I was a social worker in a hospital until a year ago and found many people thought care homes were the only option when their care needs increased.Many cope with at home with increased care support .Best wishes Iain.Mary


        I just hope that they are better these days, after loosing both Grandfather and Mother who died very soon after admission to one about thirty years ago. 🤔X
        Bulbar started Jan 2020. Mute and 100% tube fed but mobile and undefeated. Stay Strong 🤗😘🤗😁xx


          Hello Iain. This is something me and hubby are discussing. We both think the next step for him is a nursing home.
          He needs constant care day and night. We can’t find a care package that works and he would rather have help he can call on as opposed to someone with him all the time.
          He will probably go to a Leonard Cheshire home. He has had a weeks respite there, he didn’t love it but didn’t hate it either.
          Regarding funding his care is paid for by CHC, the home costs less than his care package is.
          I would enquire about CHC, the district nurses did the application. You need to fall into two main categories out of a possible 5 or 6. Hubby qualified as he is immobile and is on ventilation.
          I would try before you commit though.