Yes that's what I have to deal with. This is the second time in 24 hours I have been called this. My crime? The first yesterday was because I dared to suggest that we drop a large parcel off at the Hermes depot before picking up a friend to make more room in the car and the second misdemeanour was about an hour ago whilst helping him with an important email and I didn't understand what he was asking me to type!
The post from Penwiggle about her friend not being appreciative rings so true but this abuse is bringing me down. I no longer want to be his wife or his carer because he is so nasty to me. Sarcastic and downright nasty - on a regular basis. I just said to him that one of these days if he carries on I will go. He said, 'F****** go then!"
He's gone to bed now to watch TV. After he's had help going to the loo, brushing his teeth, hair combed and made comfortable whilst I'm here typing this. I have to be up at 6.45am to start all over again. So very fed up with it all.