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    Life update

    aka... Life After Ezri.

    Has been just over 6 weeks since Ezri died. I've moved home, downsizing from a 2-bedroom to a small 1-bedroom. Still surrounded by boxes. Random pieces of carpet are overlapping on the floor in an attempt to keep it warm. The previous occupant had no sense of colour, and the whole place needs painting. But, I'm here now.

    Spent some quality time with my son and daughter over the holidays. Also spent some time with Ezri's family.

    Have decided on a name for the book, although I've not had a clear enough head to do any writing. The title will be...
    Love: I wasn't expecting that.

    A few weeks ago a friend had posted something on Facebook about an author writing about love. I sat down to give my typical response on the subject, which is that I don't put a lot of weight in Love. Love is great, and is the spark that starts a relationship. But a relationship should be based on commitment, communication and trust. If you work on those three things, then you'll be able to keep the love alive - love is, after all, just an emotion.

    I was about 1/2 way through writing that reply, when it hit me. The real reason I gave up everything to care for Ezri, was Love. Yes, I had a made a commitment to her, and I thought that was the reason. But when it came down to it, I was there because I loved her, and my commitment had grown out of that.

    And that's what the book is going to be about. Giving up everything to care for the person I loved.

    Hanging in there, one day at a time.

    Hello Pen,

    That sounds like a very appropriate title for your book and I am so pleased that you are starting to think about writing it.

    It sounds like you are being very strong and brave whilst adjusting to life without your beloved Ezri. It is lovely that you spent some time with your children and Ezri's family recently.

    What you said about love being such a strong emotion is so true - although we can't see it or touch it, love can create an immensely strong and powerful bond between us and our loved ones that is truly amazing.

    There are many aspects to love, including the love that we have for our children which is non-conditional and never waivers.

    Your posts are always written so well and I think they give such a valuable and detailed insight into your experiences, thoughts and emotions whilst caring for Ezri.

    I wish you well writing your book. I am sure that it will be very touching and emotional for you to write, as well as touching and emotional for us to read.

    Writing the book is such a special and thoughtful thing for you to do because it such a wonderful way of keeping Ezri's memory alive.

    It sounds like you are keeping busy, and I hope that you are managing ok.

    Best wishes
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      Hello Pen,

      I’m pleased you have moved on to a new chapter in your life (pardon the pun). I guess you will have to occasionally swap the pen for a paintbrush but I wish you well. I have followed your journey with Ezri since this horrible disease took control of your lives and despite all the difficulties it presented, you rose to the challenge. That surely is what love is about.

      Please let me know when you’re book is published.

      Best wishes,
      I’m going to do this even if it kills me!