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Moving to Surrey

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    Moving to Surrey

    Hi All

    We currently live and get care in Hillington and the care is great.

    We are thinking of moving to Surrey as my wife's family lives there and it's cheaper to buy.

    What is the care like in Surrey?



    Aalistoun Welcome. Which part of Surrey are you thinking of moving to? Care in the part of Surrey I’m in (Guildford) is excellent from my GP through to Royal Surrey County Hospital and Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice which is based in Farnham with its offshoot The Beacon on the RSCH site although the Neuro clinic at the RSCH has been a bit hit and miss this year with retirements and illness. All the other professionals I have dealt with have been great. There is also a monthly Surrey MNDA Branch meeting for support and sharing experiences.

    My care is shared with King’s in south London where I went for a 2nd opinion. Their Neuro clinic is world class with Professor Al-Chalabi based there.

    Appointments have been a mixture of in person and Zoom.

    If you have any specific questions please don’t hesitate to follow up on here or DM me.

    Very best wishes. John
    Diagnosed June 2019. Bulbar palsy. Lost voice. Using PEG fitted April 2021 alongside eating normally albeit slowly and messily at times.