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Setting up hospital bed

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    Setting up hospital bed

    Hello We are setting up a hospital bed for my dad. He’s currently in their normal bed. He gets really cold and the house is freezing so does anyone have advice before we go and buy loads of fleecy sheets and electric blankets and find they are the worst idea… thanks a million

    RachiD A warm welcome to the forum Rachi.

    I couldn't sleep without my electric blanket, it's on my bed year round 😏 It's plugged into a timer plug and comes on intermittently throughout the night, keeps me cosy without getting sweaty. I've the timer set for an hour before my bedtime so I always get into a warm bed, mmmm.

    I have an alternating air mattress (rubberised cover), so I use ordinary pure cotton sheets rather than brushed cotton or jersey, and I guess the electric blanket does the job of keeping me warm anyway. During winter, I use a duvet, cotton and/or fleece blankets other times.

    Is your dad tall? Most hospital beds can extend if he finds his feet rammed against the foot board.

    And, the most important part of any bed is the mattress, which can be a hit and miss experience, depending on the competency of your dad's OT...

    Love Ellie. xx

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      Husband has a hospital bed, with a basic pressure relief mattress, supplied by the OT.

      We favour the stretchy fitted jersey cotton bottom sheet. He prefers a flat sheet and summer duvet (he is always hot), all single stuff.

      We got a lot of the single bed things from ASDA or Amazon.

      If you are not sure what he would be comfortable with sheets/ duvets/ blankets can you borrow stuff from anyone with single beds first.
      And just experiment with things.

      Regarding the cold house, make sure his benefits are maximised and contact social work regarding he is a vunerable person, also the utilies company as well.

      MND Association has grants for equipment and comfort.

      If he is still not comfortable, speak to OT.

      As for an eletric blanket, I second a timer for it as, I have accidentially left it on (for myself) and nearly cooked myself in a puddle of sweat (TMI)

      Sorry you have joined this club but loads of knowledgeable folk, here to help.


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