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So flipping mad, CHC again. For crying out loud!

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    Thanks all. Chris's care at home is 12 hours per day, I'm the 24 hour carer with the 12 hour help. So for respite they are saying 24 hour care supplemented by four two hour visits. They say using a mix of our own private carers and agency carers. That won't work, it only takes someone to sick

    Linda, we did have a social worker at the hospice.

    Take care all xxx


      Just an update. Contacted CHC over their offer to fund 24/7 care for Chris. When I did the sums it would mean his two regular carers and one who works 6 hours per week, well they would have to work 226 hours between them.
      I have felt really really low this week. I cancelled the trip I had planned weeks ago and took it on the chin. However when Chris was in the hospice last week one of the nurses said I bet you're really looking forward to your holiday. Never have I been so upset. Then the hospice rang when he was home. CHC hadn't told them they wouldn't fund his stay.
      And this is support?
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