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    Legal power of attorney

    I was advised to get legal power of attorney because of my husband's illness. It's not the best document in the world with all those signatures required but I felt I was doing something that would help smooth things through. My first venture - contacting my husband's bank, joint account but as he used to do everything I regarded it as his. I contacted them but how dare I change address and telephone number and quote lpa! And this is a joint account! Consequently I was pretty much locked out of our account for 6 months but at least they viewed the online version. Finally after a lot of hassle we were, or rather I was, up and running.

    Next task was to contact an old insurance/pension my husband had with Scottish widows. I informed them of our changes and they wanted me to take Stephen, lpa and his passport and other bits of ID to a bank so they could check my husband's identity and copy the document and sign off each page. I refused no car, no wheelchair and what about covid? So I complained. At the time I didn't even want to take the money. Time went past they didn't agree with my complaint that they wanted me to post the document. Things happened I wanted an external chair lift so I thought send off documents, get money buy chairlift. This I did early February. I cancelled the request for the money. A neighbour didn't approve of the stairlift. 5 times I've requested my LPA be returned and a phone call from Scottish widows seems to confirm it's in their mail room. I hope it's in their mail room because my original part of my complaint was they might lose it!!

    This whole process of using an Lpa is a joke. Keep a copy and if you can dont send it.

    Sometime ago we sent off for a medical lpa which seems to be taking a very long time to arrive.

    So much for making life easier 😕
    when i can think of something profound i will update this.

    I so agree that it’s a complex and time consuming document to complete. There is no way that I would send the original document! I have no trust that I would ever see it again! We needed to send the document to a pension company and our lovely financial advisor scanned it so I could send a copy electronically. However, I needed to send a paper copy when we needed to renew attendance allowance, but as I now have a pdf, I was able to print it. They don’t make things easy, do they!


      Thing was I suggested I send a photo copy. No they didn't even want that. Pain in the a***.
      when i can think of something profound i will update this.


        You can provide on line access to your LPA. Theoretically anyway.

        similar to how you provide driving licence info to a car hire company.

        I say theoretically as I had to convince legal and general that it was possible for them to view the LPA after I had provided the code, they did this while I was on the phone to them (the system updates as they "view" the document) the person i was speaking to had to check with her manager that this did constitute access to the document and confirmed that it was.

        However, a few weeks later the code had expired and his record hadn't been updated so we have had to get another code. But still preferable to sending the original through the post, possibly never to be seen again.

        Good luck - apparently its a relatively new process.
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          First direct was happy to view it online but it took a long time for them to do it.
          when i can think of something profound i will update this.


            Scottish widows have admitted that they don't have it and suggest it was lost in the post. Offered £150 compensation. Think it cost £75ish some years ago. I'm not happy!
            when i can think of something profound i will update this.


              denise thats so not good x
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                Originally posted by denise View Post
                Scottish widows have admitted that they don't have it and suggest it was lost in the post.
                Oh my days Denise, their incompetence knows no bounds - 4 months on and that's their answer 😡😡
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