Had our monthly local zoomy carers support group meeting on Tuesday. Had our usually moans, groans and laughs. Thing that really got to me was some news from someone who also attends the local caring for carers group. Can you believe that once someone is no longer caring for someone they aren't allowed to attend? I was totally shocked. How can this be so? As carers we aren't really appreciated by so many services and yet one that really needs to be there for us does that! I have never attended any of there meetings but I gather many do. The idea is support so really the need for support should carry on because even though my husband is in hospital I am still lost, confused and upset. I need support so how do those feel who are bereaved and no longer have people in and out of the house attending those they cared for suddenly left on there own? It's such a cruel arrangement. My life has centred around my husband and still does in that I'm visiting every day and I cant imagine what that will mean for me when I cant even do that. All this about mental health but at an obvious time of need you are just thrown out. It just doesn't make sense but I'm really not surprised. Carers who have been there for others have a wealth of expertise that they can share with others and gain their own support through doing this. I'm at a loss. Sorry for spouting off but I thought others should be aware.