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Riluzole, Sleep & Ventilation, OT/Physio and PEG

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    Hi everyone,

    Thank you all for your replies. I have noted everything.

    I am feeling a little more positive at the moment, so thought I would post a positive message. Hopefully we will get some more help and get somewhere with the wet room. I only hope that when it is done that it will still be of use. I know things can change very quickly and I don’t expect the job to be done very quickly.

    I can imagine, Dina, that is a big thing to go out, especially on your own and very brave too!

    Thank you, Kayleigh, for the links to the tri-walkers and rollators, I have book marked the pages. I don’t know if the OT will provide, it seems to be the physio that deals with that sort of stuff, but we can always ask.

    Lynne, we don’t have something to put a heavy water bottle on or in the frames he has been provided with, but on the up side, we do have the bottle for if we need to do that. We have ordered a caddy for him to use on one of the frames as well. Thank you for the advice about the tri-walker if he gets one. Very important information there!

    Thank you all once again.

    With love,

    Never take tomorrow for granted!