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    Jane I am sorry to hear about your husband and his 7 year long battle with this thing,

    The anticipatory grief you had, I think there's a thread on here about it somewhere, I do it all the time, what will I do when, where will I go when, things I shall have to do on my own etc etc..............its a horrid thing to cope with because the person is probably still/was sat next to you.......

    Although AG is traumatic in itself for me Its not like actual grief which is all consuming and encompassing and what you will be feeling now, my heart breaks for you

    Husband Albert diagnosed PMA Feb 21


      My advice is get the emotions out and proud, Get incapacitated, break things, Vocal rage and floods of tears. You can make others up as you go along. Do any of this enough times and eventually you will realise what you're doing is for you and you alone. The love lasts beyond time but the anger fades over time. Life goes on. 😁👍x


        Thank you all for your kindness, I collected my husband today and bought him home, I feel comforted knowing I have him safe, pain free and without any fear. What the next steps will be are not a priority, I need to nurse myself and as you have all said allow myself to grieve the loss if my husband and the impact that MND has had on our lives. I also need to celebrate the years that we called our bonus years and the memories and love we had during that time.
        I pray for a cure xxx


          Hi Jane,

          You are exactly right, 'bonus years'. I see it as 'overtime' and luvin it.

          Our Stephen Hawking set the benchmark, another 30 years for me please.
          Copyright Graham


            Stephen was an elite. Nuff said.


              Sorry for your loss



                Jane I am so sorry for your loss. This is such a crap disease it comes along and spoils not just the life of the sufferer but that of their loved ones. Hope everything becomes a little easier in time xx