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mnd walk today from Preston to Burnley

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    mnd walk today from Preston to Burnley

    Was lovely to watch the walkers from Preston hospital arrive into Burnley just after 5pm after a gruelling 24 mile walk in this heat. Well done to the all who participated

    Dear Sheila (Shrew),

    Many thanks for kindly posting about the event. I imagine it must have been very heartwarming and emotional to see so many people wanting to remember and support people affected by MND.

    I read in a recent newspaper article that since this annual event began, it has raised £30k so far. Undoubtedly, this already amazing total will be increased in light of the very successful walk yesterday.

    Many thanks to everyone involved for their terrific fundraising achievements and for also raising awareness of MND and remembering those affected by this terrible disease.

    Its very kind and thoughtful of you to keep in touch with us Sheila. I hope you and your family are well.

    Love to you all,

    Kayleigh x

    P.S If anyone on the forum is interested in reading the newspaper article I mentioned, please find a link to it below.

    Link to newspaper article '24 mile Preston to Burnley trek for MND research' (dated 9/9/19):-


      Thanks Kayleigh, me and Mick were there together last year when they arrived back at M and S , they were the M n S charity last year. It was nice to see a couple of familiar faces including a lovely man who we met last year who cares for his wife and has done for 6 years. Lennie Johnrose the footballer was also there.
      Today was a especially difficult Kayleigh, our 35th wedding anniversary. Then in 10 days Mick's 60th. So many occasions to get through. Life is so cruel . We miss him every day. God Bless you all that are fighting this cruel disease. I pray for a cure. I still log on here most, if not everyday x


        I agree with you Sheila, life can be so cruel sometimes and it must be especially difficult for you and your family to get through days like today that are special anniversaries.

        I wish there was something I could do or words I could say that would ease the pain of your loss. I sincerely wish to thank you for always being so kind and thoughtful. You are doing so many positive and caring things in Mick's memory and Mick will always be remembered for the very caring, kind-hearted and brave gentleman he was.

        Thank you for your kind words and prayers. I too pray for a cure and have faith that one day a cure will be found - and I wish it wasn't taking so long for it to be discovered.

        Sending you lots of love and hugs,
        Kayleigh x


          Thanks Kayleigh for your kind words. Hopefully in time our pain will ease. I sincerely hope that a cure is found soon for all of you fighting this disease.
          big hugs to you all x