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WOW tandem epic challenge

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    WOW tandem epic challenge

    We have ridden 3666.29 miles in 47 days across the USA - with one day off 😳🤣 - an average of almost 80 miles per day. In total we have ridden 16,763 miles. We are on track for the world record - and on track to be the fastest ever around the world on a tandem - faster than the current men’s record.

    I will miss my daily fix reading about these two amazing and intrepid women. Cat and Razzle (Rachael Marsden from the Oxford MND clinic) aim to cycle 18,000 miles round the world on a tandem. They set off in June last year, today is day 238, and expect to be home in about four weeks. As well as attempting to set the record the fastest tandem ride across five continents, they are raising awareness and funds for MND and Oxfam. Their daily blog and photos have been interesting, inspirational, fascinating and awesome. (WOW - Women on Wheels).

    They are braver than me, miranda,

    I would have been to scared of being killed etc.

    Love Terry
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