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Pillow behind my knees when in bed

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    Pillow behind my knees when in bed

    I’m on my 8th night of not sleeping. Only getting three hours on and off . I’m tired all day so can’t help fallen asleep in the day I sleep on my side with my knees bent. Hubby gets me settled but some nights I am awake again within tens minutes.because my leg slips off and I can’t move it anymore on my own. Tried sleeping on my other side but it doesn’t help. I had a profile bed for a couple of night. But I feel closed in and more uncomfortable. I thought I saw someone mentioned putting a pillow behind your knees. To keep your hips straight.

    LesleyB I sleep with a pillow under my knees but I sleep on my back and cannot move - the pillow helps to hold my spine in a neutral position.

    I guess it would be easy enough for you to try a folded pillow (or something) behind your knees. There are special cushions which go between the knees but, as your top leg slips off your lower leg as it is, these might not be suitable for you.

    Originally posted by LesleyB View Post
    I had a profile bed for a couple of night. But I feel closed in and more uncomfortable.
    Did the bed have side rails? Was the mattress uncomfortable, i.e., the wrong type for your needs? xx
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      Sorry you're not sleeping well LesleyB. It's hard to be awake in the night and we all need our sleep.

      I can't move my legs at all and have limited movement in my arms. I sleep on my back with soft pillows to raise me and have a cushion under my knees. I also have sheepskin and foam cushions to keep my feet off the bed. My hubby puts barrier cream on my pressure risk areas before bed. We sleep on a normal king size bed and are resisting a profiling bed but I don't think it will be too long before I need one. I sleep relatively well but on the nights I don't I am very reluctant to wake my husband because he does enough so it is a long night.

      I really feel for you if you're not sleeping as it has a big impact on how we feel next day. I really try not to sleep in the day so I'm sleepy at bed time but I know it's easier said than done .xx