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    Neck support

    My husband’s condition is deteriorating, and as his neck muscles weaken, his head is dropping to the side. I’ve tried various things to help support it, with mixed success. It’s especially difficult at night as he needs to use a tilt bed, so when it rolls him to the left, gravity is pulling his head over even more. Normally I would have contacted our really helpful OT for advice, but our specialist palliative care team was disbanded a couple of months ago. I’d appreciate any suggestions.

    Polly My heads lolls to the side in bed so I put a small soft cushion under each edge of the side of my pillow making a kind of well for my head, however, my mattress does not rotate!

    Also, search online for 'butterfly pillow' and see if their shape might provide the support your husband needs, failing that, there's always a DIY strapping option using the ever useful Velcro! xx
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