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Lumis NIV machine

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    Lumis NIV machine

    Hi everyone

    some specific queries about Resmed Lumis NIV machine in case anyone can help.

    my mum has had issues with the machine stopping after half an hour for no apparent reason.
    Also the machine has a ‘humidifier warming’ symbol which comes on which makes the air being breathed in very cold. This seems to be an automatic feature that you can’t control. No idea why it’s suddenly coming on. Maybe to do with room temperature?

    Can obviously ask respiratory but just a pain to have to phone them all the time.

    for those who have replied to my previous posts before I can report that my mum is now trying the machine during the day for short periods and managing it relatively well. She doesn’t feel like it’s making a difference but respiratory said it needs minimum 4 hours of use in 24 hours. So still need to build up to night time use but it’s a start!

    Thank you to those who have shared their experiences of starting NIV it’s been very helpful.