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    And what ever happened to Cadbury's Snowflake bars??

    I appreciate they weren't from the 1970s, but I was in nappies for the first year of that decade and too young to eat chocolate for the subsequent years

    Love Ellie.
    ​Diagnosed 03/2007. Sporadic Definite ALS/MND Spinal (hand) Onset.
    Eye gaze user - No functional limbs - No speech - Feeding tube - Overnight NIV.


      Thanks Barry, for the update about old Jamaican chocolate
      (and so it must have been the sugar rush that made me so giggly then! LOL).

      For some reason Barry, I had already envisaged you might be a fan of cherries (I wrote the rest of this post, before I saw yours!).

      And if I did buy a box of 'liqueur' flavoured chocolates Dina .....

      I'd share the rum chocolates,
      between you and me!
      Hopefully we'd enjoy them,
      while having a giggle or three!

      Those filled with Baileys are very creamy,
      so, of course, I'd offer them to TC!
      The Cointreau chocs are very orangey,
      and might appeal to Sheila, Hayls or Debbie?

      The ones as sweet as Cherry Brandy,
      are for Sugar Daddy Barry!
      But Cognac, the other type of Brandy,
      might be more Doug's cup-of-tea?

      Lynne, Sarah or Ellie might be a fan of rest? -
      Some are filled with the flavour of Amaretto or sweet-Sherry,
      And others taste more like spirits,
      including Gin and Whiskey.

      But if it's Jack Daniels (made in Tennessee),
      then CC might be a strong possibility?
      Sending sweet-wishes,
      to everyone in this fabulous forum family x

      Love and hugs to you all,
      from me, Kayleigh x
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        Oh, Kayleigh you are so good at writing. This has really cheered me up. Talking of caramac my husband use to love it. I don't know if you still get it?. My husband is now diabetic, so he has to stay away from the chocolates. My favourite is the good old fashioned kit Kat.
        Love Sheila x


          Hi Sheila,

          I think Caramacs are still available but instead of being manufacturered by MacIntosh's, they are manufactured by Nestle now.

          I think your choice of chocolate treat is 'purrr-fect'!

          Love Kayleigh x

          - What type of candy is never on time?
          ChocoLate. LOL

          - What is a monkey's favourite cookie?
          Chocolate chimp. LOL

          - Why can you only buy one type of chocolate at airports?
          Because it always has to be plane. LOL.


            Barry, the rum i Old Jamaican may have just been flavouring but the thought of doing something naughty, like underage drinking would have been enough to get most young girls giggling!

            Trying to keep positive, but not always managing.


              Originally posted by Ellie View Post
              And what ever happened to Cadbury's Snowflake bars??

              Love Ellie.
              I couldn't find any of those Snowflake bars Ellie - they must have completely melted away -permanently! (I don't know why - perhaps it's something to do with global warming?)

              Even when 4,000 people (and perhaps some of them were even from the 'Snowflake Generation'!) signed a petition, Cadbury's said there-snow way they are coming back! I know it's very disappointing - and it-snow joke! LOL

              And talking of jokes (you didn't think you'd get away from my variety of corn that quickly, did you? LOL) ....

              - Why did the child only wear one snowboot to school?
              Because the weatherman said there was only a 50% chance of snow! LOL

              What is an ig?
              - A house made of snow and ice that doesn't have a loo! LOL

              - How do you know when a snowman has been in your home?
              There's a carrot, scarf, hat and some small twigs ... on a damp patch next to your fire! LOL

              Love to you and your family,
              Kayleigh x


                Originally posted by Gillette View Post
                As I grew up Marathon usurped it. (I refuse to call it Sn*ckers - such a vulgar word, Dahlink!
                It's still called a Marathon in my house as well Dina. And as for the new name for it, I don't think its appropriate - because what has chocolate got to do with a type of footwear or ladies undies? (and if anyone snikkers about my opinion on this issue, I think it is very impolite! LOL)

                Love Kayleigh x
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                  I'm beginning to wonder if you are indulging in illegal substances, Kayleigh, with the number and extreme corniness of your jokes. Ha ha ha.

                  Trying to keep positive, but not always managing.


                    Great poem Kayleigh and I think you have us all weighed up.

                    Dina I think as teenagers we all did something naughty but I’m not into confessing.

                    I’m going to do this even if it kills me!


                      hi every one. I joined four years ago but was so busy doing stuff I have not been on line. now I am not mobile I have a gridpad with eye gaze. this is a brilliant device and to celebrate life I am writing a little bit each day about my life and all the wonderful times I have had. I will let the family see it one day but it's my secret for now. it will be a written celebration of the good things in my lifetime.


                        Hi Allan and a warm welcome to you,

                        I like your positive attitude. Reading your introductory post today has encouraged me to try and focus on the good things in life and to make the most of the time I share with my family.

                        I remember Doug, in one of his posts yesterday, saying that MND can't take away our past and how enjoyable it can be to reminisce, especially about much happier times. That's so true and I think it's wonderful that you are writing your memoirs. It's a very thoughtful, precious and lasting gift for your loved ones. Undoubtably your memoirs will be enjoyed and treasured by them, as well as by future generations of your family.

                        Thank you for kindly sharing your positive experience of using Eye Gaze. I am always interested to find out about any equipment or technology, that although I don't currently need, might be very useful for me in future.

                        It's very re-assuring to know from you (and other forum members, including Ellie) about technology, such Eye Gaze, that will enable me to carry on doing many things I enjoy - including retail therapy (using the Internet for online shopping is one of my favourite past-times!) and communicating online with family and friends (including the many wonderful people I am blessed to know in this forum family!).

                        I find that everyone here is very friendly and supportive. I hope you feel welcome to contribute further posts to the forum, if you would like to.

                        Very best wishes,
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                          Hi Allan and welcome to the forum. This is a great place to share information, ask advice and have a moan.

                          It's interesting to know you have Gridpad as I'm having it installed in November. I may be seeking help from you.

                          Lovely idea celebrating the good things in your life.

                          Trying to keep positive, but not always managing.


                            Hi Allan, welcome to forums. It's good to hear of your technology experiences. Good luck with your memoirs. I'm sure that everybody who reads them will be wowed by your positivity and grateful for you having taken the trouble to write about your life experiences. Lynne
                            ALS diagnosed November 2017, limb onset. For the 4 yrs previously I was losing my ballance.
                            I'm staying positive and taking each day as it comes.


                              Originally posted by Gillette View Post
                              I'm beginning to wonder if you are indulging in illegal substances, Kayleigh, with the number and extreme corniness of your jokes. Ha ha ha.
                              Ha, ha, ha, Dina. No legal substances! (I promise!) - just 100% legal Riluzole! Although, the prescription charges for it are certainly criminal! LOL

                              Just wanted to put the record straight because LOL:-

                              1. I don't want hear a 'bingo number 4' from the Forum's Constabulary! LOL

                              2. I don't want to lose my well-deserved place as the Forum's Number One 'Goody Two Shoes! LOL LOL

                              3. And I definitely don't want to lose my place as the Forum's very own 'Angel in Disguise'! (and my halo is positively overflowing with LOL's about that!!!!) :

                              I know you were only joking Dina, and because you appreciate my style of banter (nearly as much as I appreciate yours!!), here is another dose (and just for you, I've enriched it with some extra corn, to make it more potent!)....

                              To be honest I can't tell if the Riluzole is working well for me, but perhaps a side effect of it is that it's a very effective fertiliser for my particular variety of corn! LOL

                              This year my cornfield is providing me with a bumper harvest of 'Kayleigh's Cracking Jokes' (which this season, you will pleased to know, include plenty of extra-corny corn and extremely cheesey cheese!) - and (to add to the chance of chuckles) my crop, 'Kayleigh's Best Banter', is a 'Brucey Bonus' -and its brimming with bucket-loads of brilliantly bountiful 'Bants'!

                              Kayleigh x
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                                Originally posted by Barry52 View Post
                                Great poem Kayleigh and I think you have us all weighed up.

                                Dina I think as teenagers we all did something naughty but I’m not into confessing.

                                Thank you kindly
                                for being such a
                                and complimenting me so

                                I have to admit that
                                you are the key to unlocking my
                                that lies hidden within

                                I start with your name -
                                Adding rhyming words, like Sugar
                                and somehow the words flow

                                Creating some rhyming banter or
                                that I like to share with my forum
                                With, love from
                                Kayleigh x

                                I'd just like to add, Barry ....
                                you are always such a sweetie!
                                So, even as a teenager, .....
                                I doubt you were ever naughty!