Hi all!

I am Sheila's son Mark and I'm afraid I have very sad news to share...

Unfortunately, Sheila died yesterday evening 6pm at Weston General hospital. Last Thursday, mum contacted a chest infection. Me and dad took her in and over the following days, sadly
developed pneumonia. By Wednesday she slightly went downhill so had to wear a huge oxygen mask to help clear her lungs (one of which partially collapsed). The mask was massive and imposing and, even though it was helping control her oxygen levels she absolutely hated wearing it.
The next day, she refused to wear the mask! And because of that, went downhill pretty quick. And sadly, last night passed away peacefully and painless. Aged 62. Surrounded by family and friends.

Mum has always struggled with being diagnosed with this cruel, humiliating disease that she simply had enough of it. There was no point in fighting on! It's a no win.

I do have a sense of pride and respect for mum in that, she decided to end it. That was extremely brave (I couldn't do it) but death was mum's only way of escaping it and if that was what she wanted, then me and dad have nothing but utmost admiration for her.

We are going to miss her something chronic!! I admit, I have always been a mummy's boy and we always use to chat and banter about football and music. She wasn't just a mum but a mate too!

She appreciated all your advice and help on here. I know she's made a few friends on this helpful forum. Me and dad have witnessed the hell of this horrendous disease on a daily basis and we have nothing but enormous respect and love for you all.

Keep up the fight and let's get a cure to eradicate this disease as soon as possible.

Much love and from behalf of my mum, thank you all xxx.