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Adult Social Services assessment

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    Adult Social Services assessment

    Hi All,
    I have an assessment form adult social services soon and wondered what sort of help would i be entitled?
    I am able to do personal care (cant do buttons, cut my nails and cutting vegetables etc ), but really struggling with cooking, house work etc

    My husband works full time and had to take lots of time off to support me with appointments so thats hasn't helped our finical situation.

    We have two kids, my daughter is 13 but she severly disabled as she has cerebral palsy, and my son is only 7.
    I get some support for my daughter from children services but wondered if I would be entitled from adults for support for family meals, housework etc
    Thanks you
    A xx

    Hi Arta,

    It's hard to say what you will be entitled to.

    If you have under 22,000 in your name or in half of joint account you will probably get some money towards things but don't know if that includes cutting vegetables or help around the house.

    I think it's more for personal care such as washing dressing etc.

    Mnda Connect can probably put you through to someone that specialises in that sort of thing.

    Love Terry
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      I hope you are already getting PIP?


        Hello Arta

        Social Services used to operate a Home Care Service that provided assistance with personal care & cooking on a daily basis & cleaning on a fortnightly basis. Income was taken into account.

        Anyone can make a referral to Social Services.

        I would request a Specialist Disability Social Worker and then request ;

        1) An assessment for personal care, cooking, cleaning etc.
        2) A full benefits check.
        3) A mobility & home adaptation assessment (if required)
        4). A Carers Assessment for your husband (should he agree).

        Good luck.



          Hello again Arta

          If you are in receipt of certain benefits or / and have certain medical conditions you may be entitled to financial assistance with;

          Water Rates
          Council Tax
          Bus & Rail Travel

          There is also a Priority Register for Gas & Electricity.

          The Specialist Disability Social Worker will be able to assist you with all this.

          Take care love.



            Thank you all xx


              Originally posted by Olivia H View Post
              I hope you are already getting PIP?
              yes, been awarded yesterday.
              Thank you x