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    The daily dribble

    aren't we all in the same boat and shouldn't we respect every opinion even if we agree or not?
    is it ok to put something out there and expect not to be told your opinion dosent count?
    all i'm asking for is a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
    Aretha Franklin - RespectSong written by Otis ReddingAlbum: I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You [1967]_________________________RESPECT(oo) What you want(o...

    i believe a happy mind to be the best way to deal with my MND. i am now enjoying my life a lot more with my family. when it gets to much or i get a little frustrated i just stick my headphones on and zone out. i was wondering what other things you guys do to relive the stress?
    remember there's no wrong answer, unless you relive your stress by killing puppies!

    Hi Mik,
    I think you have something there. My Hubby (Jim) is in denial of MND but is totally happy. I have people saying his quality of life isn't all that good now is it? but, to him it is, because he is happy.
    As a carer, I relieve stress by talking things through, reading about MND and when all else fails give the house a Spring Clean

    Respect as always x


      Hi Mik, Spring, All

      If we were on the Judge Judy show and in her courtroom I just know she would rule that every opinion here has value, we must respect others points of view, and case dismissed! lol

      That video made me smile Mik, it reminded me of my hubby. He is old school Italian, he always has this saying that he says for as long as I can remember. Now my kids as young adults say it, only they put an joking Italian accent on it, and say it back to him ”Those that want respect, give respect’.

      Like your Jim Zip, my dear friend copes with her stress, anger, and frustration thru denial as well. She lives in a continued state of mind of ’when she gets better’. This works for her, and in way it really is just another form of positive thinking. On her bad days she stays in bed on her good days she is out shopping, traveling, movies, and restaurants with her partner, and I join the fun when I can. She eats whatever she can ,and manages it as best she can. She is living and enjoying, just in a very different way now. She can not come to terms with mnd. It’s her choice to cope this way, and all of us that love her respect that.



        i think denial is natural thing at least initially, i remember trawling the internet just typing my symptoms in to google and emailing my neuro with nearly every other option i found that was curable. the trouble is no conclusive testing, until there is your bound to have doubts. i eventually accepted mnd and then i actually felt better. if your happy thats what counts.


          so you know, Mik, I was exactly the same. I spent nights before the diagnosis worrying and praying that it wasn't MND but, once I knew, it seemed to throw all my energies into dealing with it. And I am happy too! Just enjoying the good times while I can! Joycie x


            I'm like you Mik as I find music a great healer. If your angry put on some Springsteen and if you a feeling somber try Annie Lennox. If I could only choose one thing in life it would be music.
            Happy New Year to my forum friends and let's not forget to say a farewell prayer for those we lost in 2014.
            I’m going to do this even if it kills me!


              I try and keep busy. I have just ordered all the beer for our local beer festival and am booking co-ordinator for two big events. One is a Ladies Night Dinner Dance, the other a big hike and bike in The Lakes. There is another beer fest in May that I can get involved with.

              I don't know what I would do without Eyegaze.



                So many very good people with so very much care.

                Happy New Year



                  I just try and live day to day and not worry too much about the future. My wife constantly worries and plans for things which may not happen. In some ways it is harder for the carer than the sufferer.


                    I cope with MND in different ways depending on the circumstances. When there are other people around me I make jokes about my illness and dying. For instance I tell them I have seen every professional with an "ist" at the end of their title except the taxidermist, and he's not getting hold of me till I am proper dead.
                    When I am on my own I think back to the good times I have had and the bad times. What if I had done that or not done that. I am not a brainy person but I like to think about the universe, does God exist or is there something else. So I am a bit of a philosopher.
                    Some day I laugh other days I cry, but one thing is for sure I can't change anything.
                    So that's my load of nonsense for the day.
                    Happy new year all


                      I am falling in the passage now,
                      I am falling on the stair!
                      I must have tripped over my feet on Boxing Day
                      cos there was no obstacle there!

                      I fell last night at panto
                      while dancing with a kid
                      Oh, no you didn't!
                      Oh yes I did!

                      I suppose there is no remedy
                      except sitting nice and quiet
                      But why change the habit of a lifetime
                      I'm always in the midst of a riot!

                      I don't suppose there is a remedy
                      that you all know about!
                      cos if there is, before I stumble again
                      I'd like you all to shout!

                      Love to all

                      Joycie x


                        Hi Mik,

                        Much the same as you do, most music I love, with a passion, And very much in agreement this isn't any ones forum ,it's for anyone who wants to join,long may it remain so ,anyway enough dribbling ( I wish) . We really shouldn't have to ask for respect it should exist in all posts , and no exception.


                          hi all,
                          joycie love the poem, made me chuckle most us can probley relate to it. did you pen it yourself?
                          yeah pete love music i can listen to anything from motown to rap/hip hop to rock it all depends what floats my boat at the time. the only music i struggle with is dance music. agree with respect,long may this be a place for all views and opinions.
                          david you bought up the subject of god and if one exists.personally i consider myself an atheist.if you believe in a god which one do you believe in? religion is such a tricky subject as it can upset so many people.
                          happy new year,


                            yes, Mik. I dashed off the poem in no time. That is what I am, a freelance poet and writer so it isn't a problem!

                            I must say I loved your idea of the daily dribble. It was a grand idea!

                            We must all try to retain our sense of humour, in the face of adversity!

                            Happy New Year to you and your family

                            Joycie xx


                              Mik. I have always been an atheist but since I have had this disease I have got friendly with vicar just in case, hedging my bets.