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    Wow! We had doctors where I worked who joined us radiographer plebs in the staff. One would regularly start off a contentious subject then once it was boiling well would smile smugly and quietly leave. I'm enjoying this just like he did. Naughty Nettie by intention this time! LOL.
    Seriously though, it's good to hear all these views. Don't fall out over them lads and lasses. You may well all be right. XX.


      Nettie, you have set up a really worthwhile debate today. Whether you are a carer or have MND, it is dreadful place to be. I have good days, I have bad days, as I am sure most of us do, but it helps tremendously (well, it helps me!) to have other folk put into words what I am experiencing here. Thanks so much for posting, Nettie. I hope things are improving as the day goes on at your end. Love Joycie x


        its so interesting to see everybodys views and opinions. i think it shows that we have a great diversity in the forum, its fantastic to know that no matter the item we can all respect each other and not just try and shoot them down when we may not agree.
        so whats next, north vs south, apples vs oranges or cats vs dogs lol!
        a question i would like to ask, if you where on a drug trial would you want to know if you where in the placebo group? or if someone was to offer you the chance to find out would you take it?


          I just love the title of this thread. Well done Mik!
          And Joycie. Things are a bit better now thanks. We don't want any more days like this.X.


            Mik, difinitely wouldn't want to know.

            On subject of religion: I agree with many of the arguments made. Personally I have strong faith. I attended a novena in our church Oct - Nov Mary untier of knots. I prayed hard for an answer to Joes inability to walk unaided. Well, as I said many times since, the rope has totally unravelled!!
            I listened to Joe chatting to a friend today, he told him he feels many people willing to help us since diagnosis. Blessed?? Think that's how I should feel to have the privilege to love such a remarkable person. Today was much easier.



              Hello all,
              Yes, I love the title to this thread "Daily Dribble".

              I have a very deep faith and like Joyce said, I don't know how I could cope with having ALS/MND without it. I see my relationship with God as a friendship. I feel a profound peace when I am tucked up at night and say my prayers. I don't think God GAVE me this but he allowed it, I guess. We live in a crazy world and part of it is pain and sickness. I wouldn't say I'm religious, I'd say I'm spiritual.

              There are SO many things that we just don't know. I don't claim to know about any of it. Why there is pain and suffering and all the rest.

              There is an American writer and speaker named Joni Eareckson Tada. She was paralyzed in a diving accident when she was a teen. I have heard her speak on YouTube. THAT is one sweet lady!! She has been in a wheelchair for something like 50 years. She is VERY honest about her struggles and flaws. She is brutally honest. She doesn't claim to have it all together.

              If you don't have faith, I'd be glad to loan you some of mine.

              Yes, Mik - it is great that we can share our views and be accepted and respected.

              (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))) )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))



                Hi All
                My husband was diagnosed in March and his answer is live it till you can't, he loves football and his passion is music he is a drummer has been since his teens and he plays in a rock/punk band. He said I play til end of the year and with the support and love of friends he did and in between all this he saw gigs and just went out and partied!!! Yeh it was tough when we got home as everything went completely and you laugh and cry together, NYE he did wheel chair dancing first time as he wanted a good time as he didn't know if it be his last, he said I will carry on drumming but how long we not sure as it takes a few days to recover now, people say he has done to much he should be resting but why let this cruel disease dictate but as we all know it eventually does and it's starting to now but we will both look back and say we had a bloody good time fighting it and he will fight to the bitter end as he is a stubborn bugger!!!



                  Your husband is soo right got to grab every moment you can , thats what I intend to do, not looking forward to going to the hospital to get my genetic results as will make it more final then , taking our son and daughter and partners on holiday in couple of weeks so am going to enjoy every minute , have a spa day booked for feb which my so got me for xmas , and my birthday feb so lots to look forward to which helps I'm not going to let this get me because looking back my mum gave up and she was gone in 18mths , don't get me wrong I do have my crying days but hubby is great always makes me laugh it off , take care xxxx



                    Brillant, great thread and something we all need to see.

                    Think should start 'The Stubborn Buggers' group?

                    Take care.



                      Cracker!!! Positioning a pillow for Joe last night...only he knew where it should go! My spot would never work. 15 mins later back to where I suggested but it was never my idea. SBs forever



                        Sounds like life here in Lincoln, Ciara. God alone knows how we will be when things get more "locked in " for me! But that isn't yet, I am struggling to get around more these days but I am still up to mischief and mayhem!

                        Joycie x


                          My mum would be an honorary member of The Stubborn Buggers Club. I remember the pillow situation (among others) so well. She'd laugh to know I'd nominated her but she'd agree!


                            There stubbornness and determination to,live life to the full is what keeps them going even tho it's hard for us carers mentally and physically but I'm sure we are all happy to see our other half so happy living it to the max while they can because we never no when it's going to take finally take hold, so keep going everyone we ALL doing it right ��


                              Since I fell on Boxing Day
                              whilst feeding all my birds
                              I am banned from the garden alone
                              me and him have had words!

                              Daughter in law bought for Christmas
                              a lovely bird bath for me
                              and do you know there was a little robin
                              in it today, having a real spree!

                              He has said that if I really behave
                              and take my magic stick
                              he will assist me out there
                              - as long as we are quick!

                              So, Peter has another job
                              to add to his many already
                              and I can still see my birds feeding
                              and keep my binoculars ready!

                              It is all go here in Waddington. We have put up a notice in the garden

                              "Welcome to Pete's place!"

                              Joycie xx


                                Another great poem Joycie!

                                I just love those people that have that unshakable faith. When I’m with people like that there is something very comforting in how they handle the challenges of life. They have a way of making you feel like everything is going to be ok no matter what.

                                I don’t know Zip, I think we do come back for some unknown reasons. Have you ever met someone that you never met before, but have the immediate connection and feel you’ve known them before ? What is that?

                                Personally Mik I don’t think I would even want to be on a drug trial if I’m on the placebo side of it. I don’t think it’s fair. I get that the drug researchers need to compare the effectiveness of the drug, but I think it is almost cruel to the participates. Why can’t everyone that’s ill, and in need of a cure be given the opportunity to have a positive reaction to an experimental drug? If it works for some, how wonderful ! If not try, try again.

                                North vs. South, I’m going North Mik I love New England. Apples for sure, and dogs of course no comparison lol

                                Cheers to all the stubborn buggers here!