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    Hi All

    I bypassed this thread until now because I took the title literally and didn't want to read about dribbling,I've only just got my head round emptying Mums commode!!

    Feel like I've missed out now! Haha!

    Great thread, thanks xxx


      I'd like to think when Mik started this great thread there was a hint of sarcasm in the title.

      Great poem Joycie. You may have lost your voice but your words of wisdom and humour are much appreciated.

      Looking forward to tomorrow's edition.
      I’m going to do this even if it kills me!


        RAC coming out for the car. If you sit in the drivers seat, put key in ignition. Nothing. Get out, put your hand in through the drivers window, put key in ignition. It fires. What's that all about? But now, today, nothing. Got to get it seen to cos we need to get to Sheffield on Thursday 8th for the anaesthetist's checks prior to the PIG being done on Monday 12th January. Will be interesting to see what the problem is! 90 minute wait for assistance and it is dark now! I cant find my feet in the daytime - will have to take magic stick out with me - and hope that the writings on my IPAD can be seen in the dark! Hey ho, another happy day!! Joycie xx


          Panto time sooooooo............Mik Where are You? lol


            Joycie, Theres got to be a poem forming in the depths of your mind about this car. xx


              Drug trials.
              Difficult one about the placebo: a monitored control group is necessary to measure drug efficacy, but I wouldn’t want to be on the placebo, selfish aren’t I! I would prefer to know if I was taking the placebo and wonder if people knew which drug they’re taking, would some still experience a Placebo Effect?

              I’m a proud atheist: being a logical and “black and white” person, I can’t reconcile any thoughts of a god or an afterlife with my analytical mind. Others have their own beliefs, which I respect.

              I also thought this was about dribbling
              ​Diagnosed 03/2007. Sporadic Definite ALS/MND Spinal (hand) Onset.
              Eye gaze user - No functional limbs - No speech - Feeding tube - Overnight NIV.


                ‘A proud Atheist’ very cool Ellie, I like that. Even though I grew up Catholic I don’t consider myself part of that religion since my beliefs differ so much from what they preach, so now I’m going to say ’I’m a proud Spiritualist’


                  here's one for you, Spring

                  The RAC man has come and gone
                  the battery's done in
                  we need to get a new one
                  Now, isn't that a sin?

                  I am in the lounge now
                  and I can hear the engine run
                  he's in the kitchen cooking
                  But is he in for some fun?

                  If some bloke comes down the road
                  he will have an easy ride
                  he will be in the seat and away
                  Peter will have nowhere to hide!

                  I wont get insurance,
                  it'll all be up the duff
                  and the language in this bungalow
                  could turn out to be quite rough!

                  He wouldn't risk it with his car
                  but I'm not getting in too deep!
                  cos if it's only the cost of a battery
                  that's worked out quite cheap!

                  Joycie xx


                    Ha ha Well done Lovely Lady xx


                      Well CC Spiritualism, thats another fasinating subject. Not sure what I think about that, I have been to a few and spoken to a couple of mediums. I was even regressed about 5 years ago, it was very interesting the only thing was none of my lovely family believed me when I said I was a famous ballet dancer in a former life. Hmmmm xx


                        Love this thread and all the love and humor here!!

                        CC: "Cheers to all the stubborn buggers here!"

                        and HUGS to all!!!



                          It's 11:31 here and 4:00 in the morning there. What are you doing up at this hour?


                            Yes Zip a another fascinating subject. Those that claim they speak to the dead is quite another matter. I don’t disclaim what they say. I believe all things are possible as well as questionable. I think on this subject there are more non-believers then those that do believe.

                            Many of them are highly intuitive and psychic, I just wonder if they really are speaking to a spiritual being as they claim or just have the ability read, and feel the energy that once was ??

                            I believe for the ones that are not preying on the vulnerable, and really have the ‘gift’ their antennas are on a higher frequency like the animals, therefore they have ability to feel, and sometimes see what others can’t. I know it can come in many forms, premonitions, dreams etc...

                            Just my opinion


                              Lynne, couldn't sleep. Just get up and wander around. In truth, I am still recovering from the mayhem and chaos of five adults and three children here for Christmas and New Year. My body clock is all awry! But I am OK xx


                                Very interesting video. Watch till the end