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  • Serious question

    When I asked my neurologist if I could have both bags fitted at the same time as my PEG he said I didn't need it and no surgeon would do it. Well as we know we all present MND differently and it is my curse that one side takes forever to emptie and the other side takes a great effort to even produce wind. Has anyone else had this problem and what happened to you?

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    Well, that Doctor told a porkie in the, "no surgeon would do that [triple op]". Peter Scott-Morgan, for one, had it done in a regular NHS hospital and I'm nearly sure at least one Forum member's husband had it done also, if not more.

    Discuss the pee problems with your GP - it could be age related, sorry mate but there may be help available, if you want it. As for the other side, if it's constipation, join the gang - it's a common pain in the ass for those of us with MND and most of us end up taking laxatives. Don't let it get out of hand Matthew, it can cause real problems.

    Try upping your water intake - you know all that saliva you're now dribbling out, well that needs to be replaced, and some!!
    ​Diagnosed 03/2007. Sporadic Definite ALS/MND Limb Onset.
    Eye gaze user - No working limbs - No speech - Feeding tube - Overnight NIV.


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      Mathew, well done glad someone out there with same problem as me. I can be constipated for up to five days. I have bit peg food and normal meals mashed up. Often leave a bit leftover and have that lunchtime. Always have my curry on Saturday.
      Make sure you drink at least 4 litre a day I only drink water some with orange juice or lime. I am naughty always have bottle beer at eight yes 8pm favourite Enville Ginger.
      As for constipation Doctor said take Senokot 10ml at first night and next day 10ml and Senokot tablet. On my prescription list.
      As for the other bit having a pee I am bit different had few accidents at night in bed have been asleep. Last night luckily had pee and fell asleep with bottle in place.
      Best wishes John


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        Thanks guys I will follow your sage advice ��