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Advice needed please.

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  • Ellie
    Hi Jody, sorry about your Dad's diagnosis but a warm welcome to the Forum.

    First port of call for your Dad's needs is his OT, who can asses him and provide equipment to make his daily life easier/better. There is special shaped cutlery or foam grips, for example, and various collars/neck supports which will help keep his head up and reduce that neck pain.

    By sorting out a collar, he ought not need such strong painkillers as morphine. (As a BTW, morphine causes constipation, so chances are he'll need laxatives) By all means he can try CBD Oil.

    Take care.

    Love Ellie.

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  • matthew55
    Hello, I have Bulbar onset and I get my CBD oil from Amazon (paying tax I know but way too convenient ) it helps with pain and is great for sleeping. Life IS ****. )

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  • Jody123
    started a topic Advice needed please.

    Advice needed please.

    Hello everyone, please accept my apologies if I have put this in the group. It’s my first post.

    My dad was diagnosed is ALS MND March 2019. He is having trouble with his hands and unable to grip onto a spoon or fork when eating, is there anything anyone could recommend that could help with this?

    Also my dad is now having trouble holding his neck up, he has been given a sponge support that goes round his neck, but it’s really not doing the job and causes pain. Can you get more supportive ones? Or one made?

    My last question is regarding pain, he is In quite a lot of pain especially his neck and has recently been prescribed morphine. I have been doing research though and come across CBD oil? Is this something that can help? And where to get it?

    Sorry for all the questions, my dad only told my sister and I 4 weeks ago and are still in shock, we want to help which ever way possible and have been reading a lot, but are very confused about what we can do to help. It’s all such a worry 😢

    Thank you in advance x