Three weeks ago, my son who is 26, started feeling that the grip in his left hand was weak and he was struggling to grasp objects. He also had twitching and trembling in this hand particularly in the thumb, index and ring fingers. At times he felt that his left forearm was twitching. His thumb muscle was in pain. Unfortunately, he decided to go on the internet and research his symptoms. This led him to realise that he could have MND and as he suffers from anxiety he became extremely distressed. I managed to get him a doctors appointment which is not easy at the moment. The doctor did some tests and ruled out Carpel Tunnel and told him that it is possible that he has MND and that he needed a test, however, this is not possible at the moment so he will just have to wait for a few months. She also told him that it would start to effect his right hand. Now he has a long list of symptoms; His left wrist aches, the little finger of that hand has a lump on the top joint and his thumb, index finger and ring finger twitch. He has a pain in the shoulder if he holds his arms out to the side. His right arm is now trembling and the thumb on that hand aches and the muscle spasms, but the grip does not feel any different. In addition his ankles ache. I am sorry to write this long list of symptoms but I am desperate for some kind of help or guidance. I am surprised that he has so many symptoms in three weeks. He is at his wits end and I am scared that he might do something silly. Does anyone know if there are any private doctors that I might be able to get him tested as I am unsure I can get him to hold on for months. Any help, advice etc would be very gratefully received. Many thanks to anyone who reads this