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Terrified this may be MND.

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    Terrified this may be MND.

    I posted here before, not long ago regarding my concerns of MND due to my symptoms and the fact my grandmother had MND.

    I had an EMG in Feb 2020 in my left leg, calf and thigh muscle which was normal. I also had another EMG in June 2020 in my right leg calf and thigh, left arm and hand, my back middle area and under my chin in the throat which was normal.

    my symptoms are;
    tingling, prickling, pinching feeling in my calf (right leg), twitching
    right ankle feels stiff and my big to tingles and feels odd constantly
    my left shoulder hurts, left arm twitches but I can still raise my shoulder above my head and use the arm
    left arm at the bicep area feels like it has a tight band around it and burns constantly
    my legs feel like stone; they are heavy but I can still walk up and down the stairs and raise up on my tip toes and down onto my heels
    my tongue feels strange, feels strained and like I am not speaking properly (but no one else around me can notice it), my voice gives out and it feels like I have a lot of water/salvia in my mouth (not thick) but like I can choke on it but I haven’t actually choked, I can feel
    pressure in my throat at times
    i can still eat and drink normally
    fatigue, weight loss, thinning of my legs (both) but as I said still about to use them

    As I said, I’ve had 2 normal EMG’s in the space of 4 months carried out by the same neurophysiologist each time, both came back normal.

    in January 2020 I saw a neurologist who said my cranial nerves, tone, power, deep tendon reflexes, coordination, sensation and gait was normal. However the symptoms I have explained are new since January 2020.

    i saw a general practitioner last week, who also tested my strength, reflexes etc, and said I have 6 out of 5 strength.

    does this sound like i could be MND?
    terrified out of my mind.

    Any response Is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    Worry is a terrible thing, it's eats your soul and destroys all quality of life.
    My husband was diagnosed with MND over two years ago, we certainly didn't see it coming.
    I really don't know if you have MND, my hubby kept falling over, then in the space of weeks couldn't walk and his breathing deteriorated.
    I've been reading these forums for the last couple of years, people frequently come here with their fears, some have symptoms that definitely do sound like MND. I've yet to hear of someone come back and say yes I've had a diagnosis.
    I can understand your worries especially with your Grandmother but life is short, live it.
    I wish you well.


      we can all worry that we might have something but life is for living and not for fretting about. go an enjoy yourself and all the horrible bits might just fade away. being miserable makes our bodies miserable and it manifests itself as pain. dance, skip and banish it all away. some day you might just get a bad diagnosis and then you can judge how you want to manage it all but in the meantime LIVE.
      when i can think of something profound i will update this.