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    Hi Graham

    Mum and her friends with dementia, were using Zoom way before COVID
    They call themselves the Zoomettes

    She is also in contact with international friends in US and Australia especially at night with insomnia on Twitter and such
    She is an inspiration, she loves her supporter Maria and also gets personal one to one meditation with her Yoga teacher via zoom

    I remember when she couldn't switch on the computer, she is 71. She also has 24/7 Telecare support who have been marvelous
    (this was all funded with direct payment)

    I am interested in your App
    My husband is very into computers too

    technology is amazing connecting people with knowledge together

    Carer for husband Thomas, diagnosed with MND of Fail Arm Type in July 2020.


      Great to hear Dee. Using the technology further pushes back against dementia, as well as the meds.

      I plan to publish my app to Azure next year. It automates the systems that I have put in place to run my DP.
      Copyright Graham


        Hi Graham,

        My partner is/was a software developer, so he'd be keen to check out anything technology wise. Let me know when your app publishes.

        Tess x


          Originally posted by Beemer View Post

          Hi Graham, are you ex military?
          I am, and think we have a different view about situations.
          I have pretty much accepted what I got, and intend to work with what I'm given, very similar to postings, you make the best of it cos you know you will be moving on in 2 or three years.
          Perhaps an idea for you Matthew?

          I carried a gun for my country, interestingly veterans have 50% increased risk of motor neurone disease.


            I thought I would try riluzole, thinking when I felt it was time to move on, I could stop it and that might help the end be speedier (don't know if that is at all true!). But I felt so ill on it, that I gave it up. It must be particularly hard for you Matthew if you are in pain (plus all the frustrating limitations). I am lucky that usually I feel physically fine, except when I get cramps. And I have two lovely children and one grandson. But I am not looking forward to the winter, with the additional restrictions of covid. Also, for the first time in about 20 years I will be living on my own in 2 weeks time. (I live in a 4 bedroom terraced house, and have always had friends/lodgers living in it with me). My house is very unadaptable, so am in the process of selling it and buying a bungalow (using about all my savings), so now have the huge job of sorting all the stuff in my house out (though a good job to do in any case for the future).
            So I don't know what to say to you, Matthew, but I have found your posts so helpful, and everyone else's, thanks. It is so good to be able to communicate with others with mnd. The association is wonderful how it produces so much information and support, I am very grateful for that, though sometimes I feel it would feel good to have somewhere to go that is just for sufferers, but I suppose we become so dependent on others just to live (thank you others!).
            Heather x
            Diagnosed July 2020, ALS bulbar onset. PEG and ventilator (mainly at night), and pretty poor speech, but legs still about functioning!


              Stay Strong Heather, as long as I'm breathing I will be here for you. Thumb or no thumb. πŸ˜„xx
              Bulbar started Jan 2020. Mute and 100% tube fed but mobile and undefeated. Stay Strong πŸ€—πŸ˜˜πŸ€—πŸ˜xx


                Hi Heather.

                I too moved from a 2 storey house to a (very nice) bungalow and, although I dreaded leaving the house and its memories, it was definitely the right thing to do - made my life a lot easier. And my memories are safe in my mind πŸ˜ƒ

                With so many things being means tested, sometimes it's better not to have any savings 😏

                Best of luck for the move.

                Love Ellie.
                ​Diagnosed 03/2007. Sporadic Definite ALS/MND Spinal (hand) Onset.
                Eye gaze user - No functional limbs - No speech - Feeding tube - Overnight NIV.



                  THanks, Matthew and Ellie x
                  Diagnosed July 2020, ALS bulbar onset. PEG and ventilator (mainly at night), and pretty poor speech, but legs still about functioning!