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You Only Live Twice

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  • You Only Live Twice

    Mere mortals like Mister Bond J may name a WHOLE movie evading the Grim Reaper once. However, I am now on my 18th DS1500.

    Who's the MAN James??? xx

    Wow, 18th DS1500!! ...I never did one originally for DLA and after that it was PIP and after several years, didn't think could do one now lol, but got PIP fine on full assessment... here's to another 18 Graham😀


    • How dare they give you a 'PIP fine', even on full assessment.

      Just sharpening my wit for my bully carer tomorrow. lol


        Well done Graham

        The MND nurse said she would sign and send Thomas' DS1500. Got automated letter from DWP that we should hear by end of August.

        How often do you have to get them renewed?

        I kind of view it as an "don't ask don't tell", policy, we don't think Thomas' journey will be that short but it is a way to get around DWP.

        I personally think any incurable, life shortening condition should be automatically fast tracked

        Having fill a few PIP forms for others, it is a rehash of your worse days, which is not good for anyone's morale.


        Carer for husband Thomas, diagnosed with MND of Fail Arm Type in July 2020.


          I totally agree Dee. I’m on my third review of pip and I don’t know of anyone getting better with MND.

          Barry i
          I’m going to do this even if it kills me!


          • Yes, it cuts through a lot of the cra...nonsense. I get a letter every 6 months.


              According to me,It is a good thing to get a letter for every 6 months to better know more about ourselves