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  • Question for Andy?

    As a Trustee of the MNDA, please answer why my request for a Stephen Hawking page has been removed?

  • Found it. Not really well placed in 'Off Topic', with the 'Forum Feedback' page gone.


      Hi Graham,

      The forum feedback section still exists as the 'Forum Announcements and Support' section of the forum. We moved your thread into 'Off topic' because you'd posted it in the 'Ask MND Connect' section of the forum which is for our helpline team to discuss questions about MND. As it was more of general thread and not directed at the MND Connect team, we felt it more appropriate to place it in 'Off topic'.

      If you can explain in more detail what your thoughts are about having a Stephen Hawking section of the forum, it's something we can consider in the future.


      Forum Admin.
      Our working hours are Monday to Friday 8:30am until 5pm


      • Hi Forum Admin,

        As MND makes us retreat into our minds, we have the opportunity to go into a flight of fantasy, much as Stephen Hawking did.

        When Ben told us that he was crying 3 hours daily, it made me think that we are all missing a trick.