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    Hi, I am wondering if anyone has considered how important it is to have a Health LPA as well as a Financial LPA if you are married to someone who has MND?
    My daughter thinks this will be helpful should her husband become less able in the future both in terms of finances as well as health, but wonders if this is not necessary since they are married and so she would be consulted if the situation developed and he was not able to make his wishes clear? Thank you

    Hi Lindylou,

    A number of our members here have LPA’s for health and financial issues including myself. It can save family arguments on the health side and a lot of hassle on the financial side. Regardless of marital status, most financial institutions require detailed information before they are satisfied.

    You find information about this on the main MNDA website.

    Best wishes,
    I’m going to do this even if it kills me!


      thanks Barry for such a clear and succinct reply. Trouble is that my daughter feels bad about keep asking him to sign the application as we think it reminds him of the time ahead and gets irritable, as he is having trouble accepting how things are going (not surprisingly, we know). He is still just about managing work, although both arms are affected and his legs are getting a bit less useful too, had a couple of nasty falls - I dont think this is an easy one to accept -