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    I am just about at screaming point - for the last two years my husband has undergone so many tests - all of you will have had these no doubt - but he's still not had the defo diagnosis of MND, that was a throw away comment a consultant made in April 2019

    Today was just another incompetence - after it taking me two hours to get him washed, dressed and into the car - (seeing to myself also) we arrive at the hospital for a "check up" on a muscle biopsy leg scar - biopsy was done 7 weeks ago and hes still not heard anything - first thing the Dr says is "Don't know why you are here as the records don't show you having the biopsy!!"

    Yesterday he received a letter giving him a consultants appointment for the end of November - he's expecting consultant to send him to Sheffield for a second opinion, only for me to spot its the wrong consultant!! one wants to take ownership of the obvious error.............instead of the Neuro consultant they were sending him to someone completely different although they bear the same name..............for god sake one is Mr and one is Mrs.......this must happen all the time,

    Today's biopsy chap said he would try and sort it for my husband as its clearly wrong so it ended up costing NHS £160 when a phone call might have been just as good this morning.

    We are still no further along this path insofar as a diagnosis.

    According to the barrage of texts prior to any appointment we get - a wasted appointment costs US as taxpayers £160 a go.

    I wont bore you with all the other incompetence's we have experienced over this last couple of years - but god its getting boring now - it strikes me that once past the admin of it all the system seems to work pretty well but getting past the administration is pants.

    FGS I am despairing

    Is this normal?


    Husband Albert diagnosed PMA Feb 21

    I hope it's not normal. Oh sue I feel for you both. I'm so sorry to hear what you are going through. There must be someone you can write to and complain.
    Denise xxx


      Ok my message was unapproved.
      My thoughts are with you both. Write and complain at least you will get it off your chest.
      Denise xxx