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The disability paradox

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    The disability paradox

    I watched this program on BBC4 and found it enlightening. The one highlight for me was the idea that most of the medical professionals focus on what we have lost and try to find a solution rather than focusing on what we can achieve with our disability. The example that stands out for me is during a review with my neurologist about my frequent falls. His solution was to use a wheelchair and whilst I accept that this will come over time my view was use it or loose it. The guy with no arms due to thalidomide didn’t want robotic arms and he had better results using his feet.

    I recommend watching on catch up if you didn’t see it.

    I’m going to do this even if it kills me!

    They just want to throw a solution at you. At least if they give you something they feel they've solved your problems and up to you if you use it. 😐
    when i can think of something profound i will update this.