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MND and Cancer

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  • Ellie
    Oh my days, what a double whammy... Who did you pee off in a previous life 😮😉

    Congrats on being cancer free 👍 Just wish I could say the same about the PMA 😪

    Love Ellie.

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  • Beemer
    started a topic MND and Cancer

    MND and Cancer

    After being diagnosed with PMA in Jan 2020, a cancer was found in my thyroid at the same time.
    After two operations to remove my thyroid, and radioactive iodine treatment I am clear of the cancer.
    There seem to be more fuss about the cancer at the hospital than there was regarding MND however.
    I remember explaining to the cancer nurse who wanted to take blood, that I could not remove my coat because of my MND. Her face dropped and she said how sorry she was that I had MND and cancer. It cheered her up no end when I said cancer can be cured, MND can't.