Does anyone have any knowledge of this please?

My husband has been suffering for more than a couple of years and was originally told to expect a diagnosis of MND.....he's seen the consultant today who now says shes not ruling it out completely but because he still has upper body strength (to a degree) his speech is not affected, he can still swallow, shes now sending for tests on Myositis.

This is apparently a 1 in 1000,000 rare auto immune problem - there are several different types.

Has any one of you ever had this scenario before finally being diagnosed with MND - seriously he cant walk now and fell off his scooter in the hospital car park today and I had to get the ambulance peeps to come and get him up..........I don't think he will now go out in the car again - his confidence plummeted.

I've been saying to him all along if this ends up not being MND they may have wasted too much time to get him any kind of treatment......the damage I fear has been done.

He remains under the Neurologist.

I really do not know what to think