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Losing use of arms

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    So this was this evening trial. He's next door watching the Rangers-Antwerp match on the computer and I'm making sure the neater eater is functioning with 'Sex and the city ' on in the background and some lovely H20 in the bowl. We have this device on loan over the weekend to trial. I've set it up with the 3 peddles instead of using the touch screen for him. Fascinating piece of equipment but unsure how practical it'll be for us. Certainly nerve wracking at first when it comes towards the go a bit cross eyed.

    My partner's got what I call a beige taste. If the plate is pretty beige (chips and nugget type) then he'd be happy, however I don't believe this device is quite at the standard where you can dip a chip into some tomato ketchup.
    Instead of using my brain (as it's a tired one these days), I wish it came with meal options to go with the device. I'm assuming soup or porridge? (That I can't see him eating right now). I'm not sure if a weekend Chinese would work, however he did say when dropping it off that all food must be cut to spoon size or smaller.

    It's a relief that robots haven't quite outdone humans just yet, (but in saying that this would be useful in this instance). Give it 10 years, it'll be pickin' and dippin' haha.



      Oh Tess you are wonderful. You really make me feel a bit better. Xxxx


        Thanks for the photos Tess
        Thats an interesting machine, certainly a couple models up from the manual NE.
        I wouldnt mind the mechanical arm though, for perhaps eating and doing jigsaws, which my wife and I are attempting. We have completed one between us, but I cannot reach across the jigsaw without dragging pieces off the table.
        Diagnosed 2nd Jan 2020
        Both arms/shoulders affected, left worse than right.
        Progressive Muscular Atrophy suspected