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semi-dislocating/weak shoulder

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    semi-dislocating/weak shoulder

    I think my shoulder partially dislocated last night, I was screaming in pain and my poor daughter had to lift my hand to get it right. I'm guessing as our shoulders weaken we use some kind of support/splint? Any other tips?


    Hi Lisa,

    I am so sorry to hear that about your shoulder. It must have been very distressing and I really hope that you weren't in pain for very long.

    I can't advise you about supports/splints from personal experience because my shoulders are not problematic yet. Hopefully others on the forum can offer advice.

    I have found an example of a shoulder support on the Boots website- but it is probably an issue that you should speak to your physio about so that you can be provided with the most appropriate support for your needs. Hopefully, if there is anything suitable, your physio can provide you with it asap.


    Love and best wishes to you and your wonderful daughter,

    Kayleigh xx
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      Hi Lisa, sorry to hear about the terrible pain you where in last night.

      I can understand your problem,as my right arm is just hanging and the arm has dropped about an inch from the shoulder. My MND physio brought me a shoulder brace.
      There's a lot of bits and straps to it.

      I'm just wondering if your daughter could manage to put it on and take it off for you.
      I can't put in on myself and my husband found it a bit of a puzzle the first few times.
      But it is very good and helps a lot with the pain.

      Hope this helps
      Bernie x


        Thankyou x Kayleigh, I was looking at shoulder braces like that earlier and my daughter wanted to know why I was looking at semi naked men's torsos!! Ive got in touch with my care team, i think you're right Bernie, thankyou x how easy it is to get on and off will be a major factor in how much outside care I need now I think


          Hi Lisa,

          Somehow, it does make researching shoulder straps more 'interesting'! LOL
          Why do they make things like that with so many fiddly straps - it makes it almost impossible for the person who needs to wear it to be able to put it on themselves - it is the same situation with many foot splints as well - so annoying!

          As you said, you will need to make sure that assistance with anything like that is included in your needs assessment.

          I don't need a needs assessment yet - but you have helpfully prompted me to make sure that I make a note of everything I need help with, before the assessment takes place, so that I don't leave anything out.

          Hope you have a good night's sleep tonight.

          Kayleigh x
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            Hello Lisa, I've got shoulder pain from my arm and hand hanging down and the shoulder joint being pulled. The orthotics department supplied me with a shoulder brace but it was impossible to put on without help. I was then given an arm support which takes the strain off my shoulder which is very weak and wasted and supports my very wasted hand that my fingers don't work. It is alittle easier to put on but again is easier with help. Everything is velcro a nightmare when your hands are weak.

            Hope you get sorted.

            Ginger x


              Not sure about shoulders mine were hypermobile before now they have much reduced mobility. My hips on the other hand are too shallow and I feel my right one subluxating when I walk up ramps or turn to the right.
              The shoulder support described with all the straps sounds like a master sling. Fairly easy to put on some one else. Impossible to put on yourself. It relies on being done up properly to work