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    I wrote this about Mum's MND - just a personal expression of my experience as a carer xx

    It started slowly, almost gently
    Hiding it's rotten core
    Is it physical or mental?
    Don't want to know for sure

    Ignorance is blissful
    Compared to stark reality
    But ignoring it is wishful
    It won't relent, you see

    It has no mercy, not an ounce
    That dastardly disease
    A sneaky snake about to pounce
    Uncoil, then bite, then squeeze

    Perhaps we're all a little stressed?
    Dream on, my friend, dream on
    Stay in your dreams and stay digressed
    You'll wake before too long

    It can't stop, won't stop, gaining pace.
    A selfish kind of evil
    Thieving things we can't replace
    The ultimate upheaval

    What's it's problem, why come here?
    What gives it the right?
    Unwelcome, nasty, undesired
    A battle no-one wants to fight

    But we'll fight it on the beaches
    And on the landing grounds
    Will not give in, won't let it reach us
    Some wars have no sound

    Battle on, chin up, stay strong
    What else do you suggest?
    For if you stay in bed too long.
    You'll only get depressed.

    It's powerful but it's spineless.
    Why won't it just play fair?
    How come it gets to crush us?
    Yet retain elusive flair?

    Powerless but determined
    Live to fight another day
    Keep busy, do the daily grind
    As if the beast might go away

    You can't run forever rabbit
    But you still manage to forget
    It's stolen all it can from you
    BUT it hasn't got you yet

    Watching it do it's damage
    Makes me want to weep
    The indignity, it's savage
    The wound is very deep

    But I won't give up if you won't
    I learnt from the best you see
    It can't steal love. It can't steal hope
    Won't let it destroy me

    Life's beautiful and life's a bitch
    A rollercoaster ride
    To have your health is to be rich
    Keep dancing on the inside

    That was wonderful. Well done you. Thanks for posting. I think you've really captured it's menace and the need not to let it win.

    love and hugs Denise xxx
    when i can think of something profound i will update this.


      Wow Tiny dancer so true indeed
      Husband Albert diagnosed PMA Feb 21


        Thanks Tiny Dancer. x


          Very well written
          Mum died with MND in 1979 – My sister and I have a wonky gene, probably inherited from mum. Reckon my MND started sometime in 2018.


            TinyDancer wow, that’s so powerful. I was wondering if I could share it on my local MNDA Facebook page anonymously of course. Just saying it is written by someone caring for a loved one living with the disease


              Bowler, yes of course - thank you x


                Originally posted by TinyDancer View Post
                Bowler, yes of course - thank you x


                  I’m not really one for poems, but wow! As someone who was his mums main carer for many years that was just perfect.