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Ventilation: Non Invasive and Invasive

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    Ventilation: Non Invasive and Invasive

    It has been two years since the onset of the disease. My lungs have deteriorated unusually fast and have been on NIV 24/7 for the last 6 months. I am contemplating elective tracheostomy to keep my lungs functioning. I understand from the literature that this would add on median 8 months of life. But I have little sense of what the experience is like. If you or someone cloe to you has had the procedure, grateful if you could answer the following:

    1. How long was your hospital stay?
    2. How do you obtain specialised care at home?
    3. Are you able to communicate using your voice after the surgery?
    4. Would you recommend to others in a similar situation to opt for the surgery?

    Many thanks.