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New (state side) ALS organization - I am ALS

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    New (state side) ALS organization - I am ALS

    This is a US-centric effort, but information and support know no borders.

    I am ALS website:



    "Don't turn your silver lining into toilet paper!" - gdk
    "If you can't laugh at it, it's won!" - gdk

    Very clear website, video and message.

    Good luck!

    Diagnosed April 2017


      I admit to shedding a few tears when I watched the very moving videos that are on the organisation's website. That doesn't mean to say that I think the people in the videos are giving us a negative message - quite the opposite - they reach out to us with positive messages of hope, and I think that their 'fighting spirit' shines through.

      I hope that the organisation and their website goes from strength to strength. I am particularly uplifted by their message that we are not alone in our battle against MND, and that they will continue to campaign for more funding for research, in the hope that a cure for ALS will soon be found.

      I think that the MNDA website will always be my preferred website to go to for a wealth of information and support. However, I find it comforting to know that so many people in other parts of the World want to offer us their heartfelt messages of support.

      Many thanks to Greg for posting the links.

      Love and best wishes to you all,

      Kayleigh x
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        he's right, we will beat it. will it be in time for me, you or anyone else on this forum right now? we have no idea but who cares as long as it is beaten and beaten quickly enough to stop more suffering in time to come. we want no more dads with babies going through this. I am old (ish) to read yet again someone in their 30's suffering with an ALS breaks my heart. we can do this and we will.