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    Oh Pink, I too really understand how you feel. You have to be safe and comfortable and its such a shame you cant look forward to seeing your son married and worry about normal things like hats and outfits. Its heartbreaking!

    I don't know if this will help at all but .. our son got married last year and when they booked the venue they asked us to check out the disabled toilet to see if it was suitable. It was at the time but I realised before the wedding that it was going to be too small for my wheelchair, Walker and hubby to help. Very silly of me not to think of progression!
    Between us we found a nearby adult education centre with a large disabled toilet. I can still transfer from my wheelchair to the toilet using my Walker but it did have a hoist. They were so accommodating, when we explained and they were happy to stay open although we did insist on paying. It did mean a walk down the road in my wheelchair but it was fine. It's when you can't use the loo you really need to! We had also found a nearby restaurant with really good disabled facilities and they were happy for us to use them too if we had needed to.

    It obviously depends on where your sons wedding is and if there is anywhere nearby but it would be so upsetting for you to miss the wedding. I really hope there is an answer that youre happy with so you can enjoy the day.

    I was so worried about ramps, toilets transfers etc but when it came to it I forgot all about that because they were so happy. Lots of tears but happy tears !

    Big hugs to you.
    Love Debbie x


      hi i do hope you get sorted Pink x