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    Thanks for your support, Kayleigh and Ellie,

    Kayleigh, Each different stage is really difficult. I was struggling around the house using my rollator, with obviously no free hands because I didn't want to "give in ". I had a joint visit a couple of weeks ago from the mnd physio and OT they said politely that it is all about making life easier but more importantly safer. I think they had a tip off and I have a suspect !

    I now use my electric wheelchair around the house and my walker to transfer. It's so much better because my hands are free and I can get things I need independently and reach the kitchen counter for things. I also feel much safer if I am on my own. I do need to stop our grown up sons, who are old enough to know better, doing slalom and obstacle courses but it is very funny.

    At this stage ,its so important to avoid a fall and a break. Hope I am not tempting fate.

    Ellie, thanks for your advice. I hope your toe nails grew back. That must have been soo annoying and painful.

    Love Debbie x