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Moving from care agency to PAs….

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    Originally posted by Jo jo View Post
    Hi James,
    Thanks for your reply. I will be getting in touch with them and the social care and find out how I would go about doing this. Where would you look for a PA ? we have two carers come in the morning and get him up, showered and dressed. I care for him for the rest of the day. I know I will have to return to work very soon and that’s a scary thought but needs must and bills still to pay. Unfortunately he cannot move his arms or legs anymore so needs everything doing for him. Do your carers stay all day?
    Hi Jo,

    You should talk to them, after all you have nothing to lose by having the discussion. 👍☺️

    In terms of looking for a PA it depends as to whether you are on direct payment or as in your case CHC. When I was on a direct payment my local council put me in touch with an organisation called the Penderels Trust they help with recruitment and also employment contracts and the suchlike. As well as advertising PA vacancies they also have a board for PAs to post their availability. My funding in August also moves to a CHC but unfortunately the NHS do not deal with the Penderels Trust, instead my new payroll provider (Smartpaye) also provide recruitment services for PAs. I would have a good look at the Penderels trust website even if you won’t be able to use them as there is some really good information there about recruiting PAs.

    In our case the care hours have been provided to take my wife out of care equation so that she can carry on working full time. I have two PAs between 7 am and 9 am to get me showered, shaved, dressed, toileted, breakfasted, etc. I then have a single PA who works between 10 am and 2 pm to help me around the house, feed me at lunchtime, take me out and then finally set me up for the afternoon. I also have no use of my arms and legs but am quite competent in my power chair with head controls, I also have access to drinks and Voice controlled home automation for lighting and heating, etc. I also have a catheter so given all of this I can still be left on my own quite happily for a few hours. In an emergency I can get somebody around to help me if I need help. My wife then feeds me at teatime and puts me to bed later on.

    I hope this all makes sense it’s not easy to put it down in writing 😂😂😂

    James x
    Foxes Never Quit 💙


      Originally posted by Graham View Post
      Hi James,

      Can you please briefly explain what you have done so far to set up with your PAs?

      I want to make sure that the comprehensive care covers your setup.

      I want to be in a position, hopefully later this year where you can test it out.
      Hey Graham,

      I would be really pleased to help you with any feedback or testing of your app. Just drop me a line when you need it 👍

      Here’s some bullet points on what I have done to get to this point, I hope this is what you’re looking for….?
      • I had a care agency hours in place to help me at key times during the day but I was not very happy with the care agency and the lack of flexibility. I was also unhappy with the way carers were treated and the lack of continuity with my care.
      • I spoke to my social worker who suggested that we explore the possibility of using PAs instead of agency. I was sent an information pack and introduced to the direct payment team at my local council who sent me some more information
      • I was referred to the Penderels trust for further support and information
      • A review was carried out of my current care provision and what we would require from PAs
      • We agreed to go ahead and we started the recruitment process with the trust, they placed adverts on their website and on the indeed website. Meanwhile the council put funding in place in light of the new budget and put things like the prepaid card account in place. This account was ready and funded before we recruited any PAs.
      • I interviewed some PAs at my home and we recruited the daytime hours first of all. We left the agency doing the morning shift as this is more difficult to cover at short notice if you have a problem. The council and Penderels between them also took care of DBS checks and employers liability insurance, The cost of this was taken up in my direct payment budget. There has been no cost to me other than adding my PAs to my vehicle insurance (the reasoning here is that your PIP mobility element is there to cater for this).
      • I also had a couple of my regular carers who are happy to go onto a casual contract to support me if one of my PAs is on holiday or off sick
      • we organised a start date for the PAs and coincided that with giving notice for the daytime hours to my care agency (I had to give two weeks)
      • The PAs have very good hourly rates and also proper contracts for the hours they do rather than zero hour contracts
      • in terms of managing the PAs I agree with them the hours they are doing and we have a diary to record hours worked and to communicate messages between them. We also have a WhatsApp group. Once a month I need to tell the payroll company who has worked what hours so they get paid correctly.
      • once the PAs had settled in we then set about recruiting additional PAs for the morning shift
      • we are just in the process of waiting for the care agency notice period to expire and take on our fifth PA
      I hope this helps? James
      Foxes Never Quit 💙


        This is very helpful James.

        It is very similar to what I have, only I totally manage my care and run the payroll, I don't use Penderels.

        The app holds the rotas and is able to calculate wages. I use the self-employment model which fits well, as I have a team of part timers for flexibility.
        Copyright Graham